Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine is located on the northern edge of Grapevine, Texas.  The roughly 8,000 acre lake is home to some of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in Grapevine.  This recreational lake offers miles of trails surrounding the lake which are great for running, walking, hiking or biking.  There are also numerous parks cared for by the city of Grapevine located right on the lake.  Many boat ramps surround the lake as well to get you out on the water for fishing, skiing, or just relaxing.


There are three public campgrounds located on Lake Grapevine.  They are the Vineyards Campgrounds and Cabins, Meadowmere Park Campgrounds, and Murrell Park Campgrounds which is located in Flower Mound.  All three locations require reservations for any of these beautiful campsites. You can find more information about camping on Lake Grapevine here.


Fishing species include largemouth bass, spotted bass, catfish, crappie and white bass.  There is a 14- to 18-inch slot limit on largemouth bass. Bass 14 inches and less in length, or 18 inches or more, may be retained. Daily bag limit for all species of black bass is 5 in any combination.  There are often bass fishing tournaments held on Lake Grapevine on the weekends.  The many lake points, marinas, and boat docks offer great spots for catching bass.

Here is a specific link if you are looking for Lake Grapevine fishing tips.


Grapevine is not as popular with water skiers because all of the lake traffic makes for rough water.  However, any skiing to be done can be accomplished either by the dam area or in Paradise Cove.


There is great lake dining available at either Little Pete’s Lake Grapevine or Big Daddy’s Ship store.  You can find out more information about Lake Grapevine restaurants here.


There are two marinas on the south side of the lake inside the city of Grapevine.  You can find more information about Silver Lake Marina and Scott’s Landing Marina by clicking here.  Twin Coves Marina is located on the north side of the lake in the city of Flowermound.

Boat Ramps

There are numerous boat ramps surrounding Lake Grapevine.  Most of these ramps are within the lake parks and are operated by the city of Grapevine.  The ramp fee is typically $5 per day or you can by a seasonal pass from the city of Grapevine.  You can find information about all of the Lake Grapevine boat ramps here.

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You can picnic, swim, and relax at the many Lake Grapevine parks. The largest park is Oak Grove Park which is home to Scott’s Landing Marina, a softball field complex, running / walking trails, and day use picnic areas right on the lake. Other popular parks include Katie’s Woods, Vineyards Campgrounds, Lakeview Park, Rockledge Park and Meadowmere Park.


The trails surrounding Lake Grapevine are popular for runners, walkers, bikers, and hikers.  The most popular trail is called North Shore Trail and begins on the north side of the dam at Rockledge Park.  There are other trails on the south side of the lake that you can find in most parks including the Vineyards Campground and Oak Grove Park.

Boat Storage

There is boat storage located in both Silver Lake Marina and Scott’s Landing Marina.  You will also find private boat storage at Dove Loop Boat Storage or Minnie Hall’s boat storeage, both are located on the south side of the lake.