Boat Ramps

Katie's Woods

Below is a listing of all known boat ramps on Lake Grapevine and short description of each one.

Public Boat Ramps (South Side of Lake)-

 Katie’s Woods
1899 Katie’s Woods Loop.

Katie’s Woods boat ramp is arguably the best boat ramp on the south side of Lake Grapevine.  It offers both a normal ramp and a high water ramp (pictured at the right) for when the lake level is above normal.  There is ample parking, but this is a heavily used ramp so there are occasions when the parking lot fills up early in the day.  The boat ramp is protected by a nice sized cove which is helpful on windy days.

Sand Bass Boat Ramp

Sand Bass
399 Sand Bass Drive

Sand BassbBoat ramp is a relatively small ramp that seems to be frequently closed when lake levels are at all above normal.  It does have a very nice dock however.  It is located in the cove leading into Scott’s Landing Marina.

2799 Trawick Trail

Trawick Trail boat ramp is located in the largest park on Lake Grapevine, Oak Grove Park.  This is a nice ramp with a small parking area.  The ramp is on open water which may be more difficult when loading and unloading boats on windy days.

Dove Loop
3000 Dove Loop Road

Dove Loop Boat Ramp

The Dove Loop boat ramp is also one of the best ramps on Lake Grapevine.  There is plenty of parking and the ramp seems to be well thought out and easy to use.  It is also often open when other ramps are closed.  Dove Loop ramp is located centrally on Lake Grapevine with easy access to either end of the lake.

The only negatives are that this ramp is fairly shallow and the dock is very small and somewhat unstable for loading.

McPherson Slough
2500 Catfish Lane

McPherson Slough boat ramp is located just outside of Oak Grove Park.  This is a very nice boat ramp with a decent amount of parking.  It is protected by a cove and is probably our second favorite ramp on the lake. The boat dock is very nice and there is a quiet and very shaded park near the boat ramp.

Lake View South
2150 Lakeview Drive

This is a small ramp with a small parking area.  It is protected by a cove, but is a shallow ramp.  It tends to close when lake levels are high.

Lake View North
3099 Island View Drive

Lake View North boat ramp is a bit more on open water, but has more parking space than Lake View South.

Meadowmere Park Boat Ramp

3013 Meadowmere Lane

Meadowmere Park Boat Ramp is a very nice ramp.  It is a slightly long ramp and is set in the back of large cove.  The boat dock extends way out into the lake which is perfect for picking up passengers.  The only slight problem is the lack of parking.  There are only about 25 to 30 spots before you have to go to overflow parking which is a good distance away.

Private Boat Ramps (South Side of Lake)

Silver Lake Marina Boat Ramp

This is a private ramp that requires membership to Silver Lake Marina to use.  Located inside Silver Lake Marina on the southeast side of the lake near the dam.

The Vineyards Boat Ramp

This is a relatively small boat ramp available to campers in the Vineyards Campgrounds.

Scott’s Landing Boat Ramp

This is a private boat ramp that requires membership to Scott’s Landing Marina to use.

Public Ramps (West Side of Lake)

Lake GrapevineTrophy Club Park (formerly Marshall Creek)

This boat ramp is operated by the city of Trophy Club.  This is a small ramp on the river end of Grapevine Lake.  The cost to launch a boat here is $5.  Use of this ramp is mostly by small jon-boats that want to stay on the west end of the lake for fishing or hunting.  The ramp is located in a nice park.

Public Ramps (North Side of Lake)

Murrell Park Ramp 1

Murrell Park Ramp 2

Twin Coves Ramp 1 – Currently Closed

Twin Coves Ramp 2 – Currently Closed

(More information to come on the North Side ramps soon)