Botanical Gardens

Grapevine, Texas
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
The Grapevine Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park is a beautiful park with trails, streams, ponds, sitting areas and hundreds of varities of plants for viewing. This garden really is a hidden gem in Grapevine that does not get the appreciation it deserves.

Located at:

411 Ball Street Grapevine, Texas

Hours of Operation:

Dawn to Dusk, 365 days a year



The Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park have the following amenities:

  • Walking trails
  • Sitting areas
  • Pond stocked with fish for viewing
  • Butterfly sanctuary
  • Beautiful flowers and landscaping
  • Plenty of trees
  • Plenty of green space and natural beauty


The city purchased the property from the Mitchell family following the death of Bessie Mitchell in 1995. The home came with approximately two acres of land. The city already owned the additional acreage adjoining the Mitchell property. The plan was to provide for a community stage for seasonal events and a restroom facility at this location.

City Councilmember C. Shane Wilbanks and his wife Paula visited a botanical garden in Wichita, Kansas and believed this concept would be a great addition to the City of Grapevine. Upon visiting the specimen oak, located within the gardens, the idea came that this site, centrally located and already owned by the city would be an ideal site for a botanical garden.

Councilman Wilbanks and the Parks Department staff developed a concept for a Botanical Garden which included the great lawn, a fountain, ponds, and natural beauty which was presented to the council. The council supported the project 100% and the staff was asked to begin planning for a Botanical Garden in Grapevine.

The master plan for the gardens was prepared by Landscape Architect Oliver Wyndham who had done a great deal of planning and design work for the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth, TX, and was presented to the city council and adopted in September 1999. Construction of Phase 1 of the garden began in May 2000 and included trails, planting beds and the “Great Lawn.” Phase 1 construction was completed in July of 2000.

Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens

The name, The Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park was officially adopted.

The design of Phase 2 of the garden began immediately following completion of Phase 1 and included the “Garden Court,” pond, gazebo, stage, trails, and landscaping. Construction of Phase 2 began in February 2001 with the installation of the drainage system and landscape by the city staff. The contractor completed the remaining construction in April of 2001 and the Grand Opening Ceremony was held on August 23, 2001.

The butterfly garden was designed and installed on the east side of the Mitchell house in cooperation with the Grapevine Garden Club on July 22, 2002.

The pond that is located on the north side of the peninsula that flows like a mountain stream was constructed on October 25 of 2002. This pond was constructed by Whiz-Q Stone of Ft. Worth as part of a “Build-A-Pond” class. Whiz-Q Stone provided all the materials and labor to build the pond at no charge to the City.

Design of Phase 3 of the Botanical Garden was presented to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board on February 20, 2004. Included in Phase 3 were the Great Lawn fountain, decorative fencing and the area on the east side of the creek that runs through the garden.

The 2005 Texas Recreation and Park Association “Innovations in Park Development Award” was presented to the City of Grapevine for the development of the new pond and herb garden at the Botanical Garden. The award was presented at the annual Institute held March 11, 2005 in Corpus Christi, TX.

Construction began on the Great Lawn Fountain on March 23, 2005 and was completed on May 20, 2005. The fountain design and lighted central cascade with lighted arching outer sprays and planting beds with waterfalls were combined ideas of councilmember C. Shane Wilbanks, parks superintendent Kevin Mitchell, and parks and recreation director Doug Evans.

The master plan calls for the site to the east of the creek to be left in primarily a natural state with soft trails and a couple of color beds where the sun is able to shine through the canopy trees. The Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park will continue to be an ongoing project for the Parks and Recreation Department to provide enjoyment for the entire community.

Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
Grapevine Botanical Gardens