Grapevine Needs A Solution Box

Grapevine, Texas needs a Solution Box.  Not a comment box, but a solution box.  If the city can offer space for Letters to Santa, certainly they can offer up some space for solutions for the city.

Why do we need this?

Fair question.  The reason we need a Solution Box is that the residents of Grapevine need a voice.  Every month it is interesting attending the city council meetings.  There are generally two topics.  Businesses come and go presenting their agendas.  The other topic usually involves updates on tourism related topics around the city.

For example, recent discussions at city council meetings include:

Unwind the Vine which is designed to help local businesses.

Recycling Pilot Program which is designed to encourage people to recycle.

D.E. Box Historic Designation which really helps the Historic Preservation Commission.

Additional Parking at Esparza’s which helps the smallish problem of parking downtown.

Robot Gunfighers on top of the new Convention and Visitors Bureau Building which helps tourism and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

You get the idea.

But there are not nearly as many noticeable discussions on how to improve the lives of the residents here.  We do have great parks.  And we do have some quality city facilities to use.  But what about the next level?  It is time to set our goals even higher.  Instead of spending so much  of the leaders focus and the city’s resources on local businesses and improving tourism, why not spend a little more time on improving the quality of life of the residents who live here?

What this city needs is an advocate for the citizens.

Send Us Your Solutions

A Solution Box for residents will help solve this.  This will be a way for residents to offer solutions to the city leaders on how to improve the quality of life here in Grapevine.

We are going to open up a Solution Box on this site.  In the coming weeks and months we will post our solutions to improve the quality of life of the residents of this great city.

This is a community website after all. If you have a solution for the city send it to us and we will post it*.

Stay tuned for Solutions. Let’s make Grapevine a better place to live.

*some reasonableness for these solutions will be applied before posting.