Another Drowning On Lake Grapevine

The third drowning death of the summer occurred on Lake Grapevine on Tuesday evening.  The body of Andy Hinds of Justin was pulled from the lake on Wednesday morning.  If memory serves, this is the second death that occurred near the Dove Loop boat ramp this summer.

We are firm believers in boating safety and posted a safety reminder earlier this summer.  Details are sketchy at this point on the cause of the drowning.  We hope that more details emerge because it is a learning experience for other boaters.

We have noticed a major increase in activity from Game Wardens and Police on Lake Grapevine this summer.  On weekends you typically see one or two law enforcement boats on Lake Grapevine.  This was not normally seen in prior summers.

Everyone please be safe out there and always wear a life vest when swimming in the lake.

Two Recent Drownings On Lake Grapevine

In the last three weekends, we have had two drowning deaths on Lake Grapevine.  These events are a tragic reminder to apply some simple safety rules while on the water.

Both drownings on Lake Grapevine over the last few weekends have a common thread.  Each Individual jumped into the lake without a life jacket and then got into some trouble and could not get back to the boat.  Life jackets are called life jackets for a reason.  They save lives.

Even for strong swimmers, entering a lake without a life jacket is a risky proposition.  Waves from wind and other boats make swimming in a lake much more difficult than in a pool.  And a day out in the sun typically tires your body and muscles.  So the lesson is that it is better to be safe.  If you want to swim around in the lake, do so.  But take a life jacket or other US Coast Guard approved flotation device with you.

I can remember being stopped several years ago by game wardens on a lake while fishing with my Dad.  The wardens only asked to see the life vests in the boats.  I asked the game warden why he stopped us just to check for life vests and he replied simply, “I’ve never had to pull a body from the bottom of the lake that had a life vest on.”  It has had an impact me ever since.

Here are some simple boating safety tips from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website:

– Always wear a life jacket.
– Avoid alcohol.
– Be especially careful on personal watercrafts.
– Children younger than age 13 must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket while underway.
– Enroll in a boater education class.
– Don’t overload your boat.
– Operate at a safe speed.
– Always have a passenger serve as a lookout in addition to the operator.
– Watch out for low water areas or submerged objects.

Safety always comes first on a boat.  The number one goal of a boat captain is to get all his passengers home safely.

Please be careful on Lake Grapevine and other area lakes this summer.

41 Pound Catfish Caught on Lake Grapevine

Tommy Jackson caught a 41 pound catfish on Lake Grapevine in October.  This would not really be news if he had not caught it on his wife’s pink spinning reel with 6-pound-test line.

The battle royale lasted about 25 minutes before the pink reel was declared the victor when the catfish surfaced and was netted.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

“Luckily, I keep a big net in the boat because we use live shad for bait, and you never know what you’ll catch when you put a live bait out,” Jackson said. “I managed to get the fish in the net and then managed to get the net in the boat.”

We would love to post a picture of the actual fish (or pink fishing reel) if anyone has one and can send it in. It must have been one heck of a battle.

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers

If you are interested in joining a fun group of runners and walkers, this is a great group to join. They have over 500 members with 30 to 40 meeting every Saturday or Sunday at 7:00 a.m. at the RAW Clubhouse near the entrance to Oak Grove Park in Grapevine. The various levels of runners and walkers will meet anyone’s preference or condition.

From their website:

Founded in 1997, RAW has grown to over 500 members. On a typical Saturday or Sunday morning, 35-50 people meet for the group run/walk.

RAW has an outstanding reputation for community involvement, generosity and the ability to put on a darn good race. The club has adopted Horseshoe Trails where we run and walk, and we’re involved with all park clean-up days. Between 2000 and November 2005, the club donated over $60,000 to non-profits, including Texas Special Olympics, various dog rescue groups, Camp I-Thonka-Chi (a pediatric burn camp) and several September 11th groups. We are funded by membership dues and our annual races . The Bold in the Cold 5k and 15 k is held each January. The Hound Dog Hustle 5k and one-mile fun run is in April, and the Double Trouble 5k and 10k races are each fall. These races have a stellar history of being well-organized and downright fun. Our race T-shirts, mugs and flyers have all won “Best of” awards by Runners World Magazine and Runners Triathlete News.

Membership is only $20 a year for individuals and $30 for families. Membership benefits include: our bimonthly national award-winning newsletter, The Footprint, discounts at local running stores and discounted entry fees to RAW races.

Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers has great website with much more information including a map of their location and photos from their members.

Running or walking is a great way to get out and exercise and make some new friends at the same time. Sounds like a fun group of runners and walkers.