Bartley’s BBQ – Restaurant Review

We have driven by Bartley’s BBQ many times over the last few years, but never ventured in. It is set back in a little old strip shopping center not far from historic downtown Grapevine, just off of Northwest Highway and Dooley. It does not really look like much. And when you go in, it looks like even less. Bartley’s has the type of old school subtlety that you would expect from a great barbeque place.

Bartley’s has a special each day of the week and Tuesday’s was any sandwich and two vegetables for $5.99. This seemed reasonable enough so I ordered a sliced beef brisket sandwich and the spicy ranch style beans and potato salad. One of the first things I noticed about the meal was the sauce, which comes on the side, and was excellent. The brisket was also just as tender and flavorful as you would want. You could cut through the brisket very easily with just a fork. The spicy ranch style beans were as good as any as I’ve ever had. The potato salad was also good, but not in the class of “best ever.”

While I didn’t order the sausage, I really wanted to because it just looked so tempting. I definitely will be back to just sample the sausage and get some more of what I would consider excellent brisket. The vibe in Bartley’s is good if you are looking for an old-fashioned barbeque place. The people there seemed nice in a down home sort of way. It is the kind of establishment I like. It has the kind of feel you would expect from a place in or around downtown Grapevine.

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