Municipal Watchdog Group to Host Grapevine City Council Candidate Runoff Forum

GRAPEVINE – The municipal watchdog group “A Better Grapevine” will host a candidate forum for the top two vote getters in the Grapevine City Council, Place 6 runoff election scheduled for mid-June.

Come hear from them on a number of issues including transparency in government, diversification of tax revenue, safe streets, constituent services and more.


Host, A Better Grapevine
Moderator, League of Women Voters

Candidate, Duff O’Dell

Candidate, LuAnn Gatts


Grapevine City Council Runoff Candidate Forum


Wednesday, June 4, 2014
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.


Stacy’s Furniture, 3rd Floor “Community Room”
1900 S. Main Street
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Who I Am Voting For

Grapevine, Texas
You did not ask, but I thought it would be interesting to share who I am voting for this Saturday for Grapevine City Council Place 6. There are four worthy candidates for Place 6: Duff O’Dell, Deverick P. Jordan, Marc Blum, and LuAnn Chapman Gatts.

Here are my three, admittedly simple criteria in choosing who to vote for in a race like this:

1. Must be able to log on to a computer. (I don’t think this is a very high bar to set. This is 2014 so being technology challenged is an automatic disqualifier.)

2. Must be able to say “Thank You.” (Two of the best and most important words in the English language.)

3. If you make it past the first two, which as easy as it sounds is not a given, then the final criteria is whoever tries the hardest.

Some people will be offended by this simple criteria, but those people are likely easily offended. I could have said I am drawing a name out of a hat. Some people may not like it that I didn’t actually name who I am voting for and only listed the criteria I use to vote in city council elections. For that I apologize, but hopefully you can figure it out on your own. 😉

Election day is May 10th, 2014. You can vote at the Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main Street (Corner of Vine Street and Municipal Way) between 7 am and 7 pm.

Last but not least, Deverick P. Jordan, running for Grapevine City Council, Place 6

Conservative, Christian, Grapevine – Those three words have been used throughout the campaign to describe Deverick Jordan and his beliefs.

“It is my intention to give back to the City of Grapevine through the seat Roy Stewart is vacating,” said Jordan. “I want to continue in Mr. Stewart’s legacy of making Grapevine the best in D/FW. Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for your years of service and dedication to our community.”

Deverick Jordan is a husband, a father, a leader in the commercial real estate industry, and an active volunteer in the city and his church. He is biblically minded, for limited government, is an advocate for fiscal responsibility, for government transparency, a property rights advocate, and offers a fresh perspective and voice.

In addition, Jordan has a deep respect for Mayor Tate and the current council members. However, he believes he can fill a void that exists on the council. “The average age of Grapevine’s city council is 66 years old. Compare this to the average age of Grapevine, which is 37.4 years old. Although I believe there is wisdom with age, the current council has a void and does not have a voice from the upcoming generation. I would offer a fresh perspective and outlook, in addition to being able to prompt more families and the younger generation to get more involved with such an amazing city. In order to see Grapevine’s continued success, we need future leaders and volunteers,” said Jordan.

According to one of Deverick Jordan’s supporters, Dr. Ed Smith, President of Grapevine Faith Christian School, “Deverick represents everything that is promising about the City of Grapevine. A fiscally responsible, successful real estate business owner, Deverick understands how to build upon the past successes of Grapevine with smart decisions that bring exciting opportunities to the city, while maintaining a conservative watch over the tax base. Deverick will publicly lead the city with the same priorities he utilizes in his private daily life: character, wisdom, integrity, and dignity. I believe it is his commitment to God, family, and the City of Grapevine that make him the best candidate for city council.”

It is through Jordan’s principals, reputation, and background that Empower Texans, through Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, endorsed Jordan’s candidacy for Grapevine City Council, Place 6.

“I want to preserve our great city and ensure its position remains the best of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our children should grow up with a pride for their community, and having a strong leadership for the city, is key to its success.”

With early voting starting this coming up Monday, April 28th, Deverick needs your vote and voice!

For more information about Deverick Jordan and to see quotes and/or endorsements from his other supporters, please click here to download his brochure.  Please also like his Facebook page to keep up with the campaign at or visit his website at

Duff O’Dell To Run For Grapevine City Council Place 6

Duff O'DellWell-liked Business and Civic Leader Ready for “Next Step”

GRAPEVINE (March 6, 2014) – Amid a large and jubilant crowd of 200-plus supporters, prominent community leader Duff O’Dell formally announced that she is taking her years of public service to the next level by running for Grapevine City Council Place 6. Current Place 6 councilmember Roy Stewart is not running.

“Grapevine has been so blessed to have had the leadership of my good friend Roy Stewart,” said O’Dell. “Now, with his decision not to run again, I am ready to step-up and be a part of the discussions that affect each one of us, to preserve and protect what we’ve built in Grapevine and continue forward-thinking strategies to ensure our continued success,” said O’Dell.

With trademark can-do enthusiasm, and a reputation for common-sense and accessibility, O’Dell is well-known by Grapevine business and civic leaders alike. O’Dell has long distinguished herself for her leadership and business experience.

According to O’Dell supporter Mike Davis, of Mike Davis State Farm Insurance, “There is no doubt that Duff O’Dell will do what’s right for our community. She’s proven this over and over again. Her experience and track record of community service are unmatched.”

Held in high-regard in the non-profit community, O’Dell is a much sought-after volunteer for her business management and fundraising skill.

“Duff has been one of our most dedicated and passionate board members and she deeply understands the needs of our community,” said Shonda Schaefer, executive director of Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE).

Again and again, among Grapevine’s elected officials and business and civic leaders, O’Dell is a respected choice for appointment to area boards, committees and special projects. Yet even with her already impressive level of community involvement, O’Dell found that she wanted a deeper connection to the community she loves.

“My extensive business and professional leadership experience, and the community trust I have earned over the years working and volunteering in Grapevine, offer my fellow residents a councilmember who will vigorously participate in the important discussions required for our shared success,” said O’Dell.

A career airline executive for more than 30 years, O’Dell’s professional experience and leadership are a perfect fit for a city as successful and vibrant as Grapevine. As an airline executive, O’Dell led a team of more than 14,000 US-based employees, ensuring compliance with federal regulatory and safety measures, maintaining industry-leading customer service excellence and managing a billion-dollar annual budget.

“Because we live in the greatest hometown there is – and because experience matters – I want to continue the progress while protecting the foundation of what we have built here and cherish,” said O’Dell.


For more information about Duff O’Dell for Grapevine City Council Place 6 go to or

Voting will be at the Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main Street. Election Day is Saturday May 10. Early voting begins April 28.



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LuAnn Chapman Gatts to run for Grapevine City Council

LuAnnCandidate files for open Place 6

Longtime city resident and community volunteer, LuAnn Chapman Gatts is anouncing her candidacy for Grapevine City Council Place 6.

As a local business owner with over 15 years of community leadership and volunteering experience, LuAnn feels it is very important to keep Grapevine’s unique mix of historic preservation with being a premier destination for both convention and leisure visitors.

LuAnn Chapman Gatts sees the need to maintain fiscal stability, be responsive to citizen’s questions and increase the communication between city hall and the residents of Grapevine. “Involving new voters in city is my top priority”, she adds, “I want to be sure that the views of all the residents are represented, not just the vocal, voting minority.”

She has served on numerous boards including the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau, Grapevine Heritage Foundation and Friends of the Grapevine Senior Activities Center.

As a member of the steering committees for GrapeFest and Main Street Days, LuAnn works with gate volunteers and food vendors. This experience keeps her involved with local citizens , service and civic groups which provides opportunities for many different ideas and suggestions for the city.

More information about LuAnn Chapman Gatts and her campaign can be found on her website, or These sites include biographical information about LuAnn and a calendar of upcoming events, as well as her position on many of the important issues affecting Grapevine.



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Marc Blum Announces Campaign for Grapevine City Council

Marc Blum

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS — Grapevine resident and businessman Marc Blum has officially announced his campaign for Grapevine City Council by filing paperwork to be on the ballot in May. Blum plans to use his over two decades of managerial and problem-solving experience to enact and support policies that empower local businesses, first responders, and Grapevine citizens.

Blum is running to fill Grapevine City Council Place 6, which is being vacated by Roy Stewart. Early voting takes place from April 28-May 6; Election Day will be Saturday, May 10th.

In officially announcing his candidacy, Marc Blum declared, “I believe in fiscal responsibility, in government transparency, in free enterprise, in low taxes, and in local control. I believe government can function most efficiently and can empower citizens most effectively at the local level. Each day, Grapevine citizens must ensure their budgets are balanced and their spending is done in a prudent manner. The same applies to our city council as we continue to grow as a city and as a wonderful community.”

Blum’s professional experience primarily has been as an IT project manager for Johnson Controls on numerous multi-million-dollar government projects. Every project that Blum oversaw was completed on-time and within budget – often saving taxpayers millions of dollars by Blum prioritizing cost-cutting strategies. Blum’s projects have included Fort Worth’s Joint Naval Air Station, Fort Bliss, and the Houston Veterans Administration Center. Before working for Johnson Controls, Blum was the IT administrator at Greystone Technology, a software development company that built simulator systems for the US military. Blum’s early-career experience includes management positions with RadioShack and with Mega Computers.

Blum moved to Grapevine in 2007 with his wife, Orsula, after a wildfire consumed their previous home. “I truly know and appreciate the American Dream,” said Blum. “My wife, who emigrated from Poland, and I were able to get back on her feet here in Grapevine with the wonderful support of neighbors and family in the area. I look forward to giving back to our community when on the council by emphasizing transparency and communication. I will work to prioritize essential services like our first responders and to implement tax relief for our senior citizens. While future development projects are very important for our city, we must also work to properly maintain the essential city services we already have like our roads. I have a proven past of providing innovative solutions in the private sector. I want to bring that outside-the-box thinking to the city council.”

Blum came to Texas at the age of 10 and began working when he was 13. He became an eagle scout at a young age and has remained active since then as an adult scout member and leader. Blum received his BS in business administration from the University of Texas at Dallas. His passion to innovate and improve upon the status quo extends to his hobbies: automotive customizing, electric car conversion, and solar energy development. Blum is currently developing automotive patents that will make engine repairs more efficient and easier to do.