A Few Images from Main Street Days 2011

We made it out to Main Street Days last night.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  The Pizza Piazza area was a huge hit.  It was easily the coolest area to hang out in.  And it was a brilliant addition to the weekend event.

Here are a few images from day one of Main Street Days 2011.  Please note – all images below are copyright of Grapevine TX Online, LLC as are all images on this website unless otherwise noted.

Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas

Avoiding the DFW Connector (on your way to Main Street Days)

If you are coming to Main Street Days this weekend (or just coming to Grapevine) and want to attempt to avoid the DFW Connector, we provide detailed instructions below:

If you are heading north on Hwy 360 or Hwy 121 from Arlington, Bedford, Hurst, Fort Worth:

1.  Exit Stone Myers Pkwy

2.  Take a right on Stone Myers Pkwy

3.  Take a right on Mustang Dr

4.  Take a left on S Main Street and head straight into downtown Grapevine.

[mappress mapid=”5″]

If you are heading north on 114 from Dallas, Las Colinas, Irving (honestly you do not have a lot of good options, but we will provide 1 option):

1.  Exit Freeport Pkwy

2.  Take a left on Freeport Pkwy

3.  Take a right on N. Airfield Dr.

4.  Go through DFW Airport

5.  Take a right on S Main Street and head straight into downtown Grapevine

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If you are coming south on 121 from Lewisville, Coppell, Frisco, Plano:

1.  Exit Grapevine Mills Pkwy (Texas 26)

2.  Stay straight on Texas 26 all the way to downtown Grapevine.  You will see festival signs as you near downtown.

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If you are coming West on 635 from Dallas:

1.  Exit Bass Pro Drive

2.  Take a left on Bass Pro Drive

3.  Take a left on Texas 26

4.  Stay straight until you near downtown Grapevine and see festival signs.

Main Street Days 2011

The 27th Annual Main Street Days will soon be held in downtown Grapevine, Texas.  In addition to the normal festival atmosphere this years theme is called “A Pizza Experience.”  Along side the non-stop live music, carnival rides, and other family entertainment will be one of America’s favorite foods:  PIZZA.  Main Street Days is always a great atmosphere.  Typically, there is great weather.  This is a great way to get out and enjoy being outdoors in Historic Downtown Grapevine.

Here are the details around the event-

Friday, May 13th, 10 am to 11:30 pm
Saturday, May 14th, 10 am to 11:30 pm
Sunday, May 15th, 11 am to 6 pm

Where:  Historic Downtown Grapevine, mostly runs right along Main Street from Dallas Road to Northwest Highway.

How Much: Adults $7, Seniors 62+ and kids 6-12 $5, kids under 5 are free.
Also, note free admission on Friday until 5 pm.

Activities include:

– Midway
– Carnival Rides
– Live Music
– Kid Zone
– Central Market Grilling Competition
– Beer
– Wine
– Food
– Plenty of Pizza

Did we mention live music?  Always a staple of Main Street Days is some of the best live music around.  Here is this years schedule.

Main Stage

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Bud Light Stage

[table id=5 /]

Pizza Plaza Stage

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Stay tuned as we are sure to have a tips and tricks article for this years Main Street Days soon.  And we will have continued information on the best ways around, through, and over the DFW Connector to get you in and out of the festival as seemlessly as possible.

Main Street Days Festival Tips

Here are some tips from Main Street Days veterans on how to enjoy yourself.


Parking is usually not too bad.  One option is to just follow the signs once you are in Grapevine which take you to specific lots designated for Main Street Days Parking.  Another option is to take our advice and park in the neighborhoods around Main Street which are far closer to the action.  These spaces fill up early, but if you take the time to look you can often find a space that is short distance from Main Street Days.

Our favorite place to park is just off of W. Dallas Road at the Train Station parking (see map below).  These spots are VERY hard to get, but if you get there early there is not a better place to park.  It is definitely worth circling through if you are in the area.

After you check out the Train Station Parking and it is full, just head back towards Main Street and turn right just past the police station onto Church Street.  This is my second favorite place to park.  See if you can find a place along Church Street, but if not you can venture back into the neighborhood and find parking there.



Well, it pretty much goes without saying that you do not want to miss out on the funnel cakes.  That is pretty standard for any festival like this.  If you are looking for something more solid, you should try to get some barbeque.  They usually have a big smoker going called Nick’s BBQ.  There can sometimes be a long line for the barbeque, but it is worth the wait.  We are not saying this is the best barbeque you will ever eat.  We are saying this is the best food you will find at the festival.


Unless they have upped the prices, wine and beer is usually fairly reasonably priced for a festival.  You are looking at about $3.50 per drink.  Not too bad.  And the wine is usually really good.  This is Grapevine after all.

LIVE MUSICMain Street Days

There is always great music at Main Street Days.  This year promises to be great as well with headliners Joe Ely Band and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.  If you want to venture away from the main stage, there will be four other stages set up to hang out and watch a live music show.  Our favorite spot to listen to music is at the Bud Light Lime Stage on the corner of Worth Street and Main Street.  This area is usually a little less crowded than the main stage area and you can typically take in some great music there.


Do not forget to bring sunscreen.  Also, wearing shorts is a good idea because of the heat.  You can buy water there cheaply at many of the shops along Main Street.  I saw many shops charging $1 for bottled water (example – Messina’s Shoe Repair) and even a couple giving away bottled water for free to get customers to come in.


This one is easy.  Just have a good time.  There is so much to take in there will be no way to do it all.  Relax.  Have Fun.

Main Street Days Are Coming!

Main Street Days are coming to Grapevine, Texas.

This years three day event falls on May 21, 22, and 23.

Get ready as Main Street will be blocked off for patrons to enjoy live music, great wine, and all the outdoor adventure your mind and body can handle.


Friday, May 21 – 10:00 am – 11:30 pm
Saturday, May 22 – 10:00 am – 11:30 pm
Sunday, May 23 – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

  Activities include:

  • Sky Riders Trampoline Show
  • Carnival and Midway
  • Featured Wine Areas
  • KidZone Stage
  • Non-stop entertainment on five stages
  • Winery Tours
  • BMX Bike Show
  • Kayak Tank
  • Quad Bungee Jump
  • SCUBA Tank

Okay, How Much?

Admission is free on Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Daily Admission – Adults: $7
Daily Admission – Seniors (62+): $5
Daily Admission – Children (6-12): $5
Daily Admission – Children under 6: FREE
Weekend Pass Pin: $15
Weekend Souvenir Pass Pin: $20

As always, we are looking forward to the live music.  The Sky Riders Trampoline Show has also piqued our interest.

We recommend going early and staying late. Main Street Days are always a lot of fun.

This event is well worth the price of admission and drinks and food are usually reasonably priced for this type of festival.

Stay tuned to GrapevineTxOnline as the event grows closer.  We are going to offer up our tips on how to enjoy Main Street Days very soon!

Photo above courtesy of Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Main Street Days – Why The Name Change?

April 23rd, 1985, somewhere in one of America’s most popular product and brand name company somebody decided it was a good idea to change the winning formula and create New Coke.  After a massive public outcry, Coca-Cola Classic was brought back some three months later much to delight of the American public.  Less than 10 years later, New Coke was no where to be found on the store shelves and fast food restaurants across this great land.

Okay, now some 25 years later the great brand name of Main Street Days has been changed to Main Street Outdoor Adventure.  Maybe it’s a stretch to compare the two, but we can’t help but ask:  Is this New Coke all over again?

Let’s see, you have a winning formula.  You have a well known brand name.  You have one of the greatest festivals of the year.  Why change the name?

You know, some people claim that after Coca-cola brought back Coca-Cola Classic some three months after their horrific decision to get rid of it and sales went through the roof that it was actually marketing genius in disguise.

Maybe that is the plan of the good people of the City of Grapevine.  They are introducing this overly confusing and much too long name of Main Street Outdoor Adventure (and festival?) this year only to bring back the traditional, well known, classic name of Main Street Days next year.

Marketing genius in disguise.  WE NOW GET IT.  And WE LOVE THE IDEA!

We can not wait for Main Street Days (Classic) 2011!

Okay, we’ve made our point.  What do you think of the new name, Main Steet Outdoor Adventure festival?  Feel free to comment below.