Lake Grapevine remains flooded after Tropical Depression Bill dumped another two and a half inches of rain on the area earlier this week. Water continues to dump over the spillway and into the areas south of the lake. Both the Grapevine Golf Course and Cowboys Golf Club are flooded.

All parks and boat ramps around the lake remain closed and most roadways around the lake are closed off keeping visitors a safe distance from the lake. FM 2499 remains closed this morning as water covers part of the roadway just south of Lake Grapevine near Grapevine Mills Mall.

Lake Grapevine is nearing a record lake level as the lake currently stands 27.99 feet above normal. The only way on the lake is at Silver Lake Marina. Several boaters were out on the swollen lake this morning (photo below).

Below you will also see a shot of the submerged Katie’s Woods Park where the only thing remaining visible is the restroom at the top of the park. There is a shot of a portion of the golf course at Cowboys Golf Club south of the Lake Grapevine dam. The road over the dam connecting Grapevine to Flower Mound remains closed as water from the spillway pours over the roadway.

There are a couple of videos below from the City of Grapevine, but the water is higher now than when these were filmed.


Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine flood 4