April (and most of 2015) has been good for local lakes. Many of the area lakes have needed this kind of rain for a couple of years now. Some of the area lakes could still use a bit more rain.

Dallas-Fort Worth has already had 11.71 inches of rain in 2015.  The total rainfall for all of 2014 was just 21 inches.

For us located in Grapevine, Texas, our local lake is Lake Grapevine which is still six and a half feet low. If you compare that to one year ago, Lake Grapevine was ten feet low. And just six months ago the lake was over twelve feet low. Much of the improvement in lake level has come over the last month.

Currently on Lake Grapevine, Twin Points, Lakeview North, the low water ramp at Meadowmere Park, Trawick, and McPherson Slough boat ramps are all open. With the lake improving like it is, more boat ramps are sure to open soon.

If we take a look at other area lakes, Eagle Mountain Lake is down about seven and a half feet. This is up from over ten feet low six months ago. Possum Kingdom Lake still needs quite a bit of rain as it is still down almost 14 feet from normal levels. Lake Texoma was down over 8 feet one year ago and now is almost full at 1 foot low. Lake Lewisville is about one foot low. Both Joe Pool Lake and Lake O’ The Pines are above normal pool levels.

Lake Lavon has made the most improvement by rising over ten feet in the last few months.  Three months ago the lake was down over 12 feet and now stands at just one foot and a half low.

With another good month of rain, we could have all of the area lakes in good shape.

We visited Possum Kingdom Lake recently and there was a huge sign as you enter the main lake area that said, “Welcome to Possum Kingdom Lake. Please, please, please, pray for rain.” We agree.

Boat dock out of water