April 14, 2012 started like any normal spring Saturday in Grapevine, Texas. Beautiful spring weather accompanied the usual home town vibe of our fair city.

The night of April 14 and into the early morning hours of April 15 things changed in downtown Grapevine forever. A four-alarm fire at the historic sports bar, Lazy Bones, raged in downtown Grapevine. The entire building was a loss and what was left had to be demolished. (Video)

The original plan was to rebuild Lazy Bones on-site to the exact structure that it was before. That was before the city started to get involved asking (basically requiring) Lazy Bones to establish a historic landmark on the building. This landmark would give the city control over the exterior design of the building. We continue asking ourselves how a building built from the ground up in 2012 could even qualify as a “historic building.”

Fast forward to today, here we are, two and a half years later and we are left with nothing. Another fall football season where Grapevine’s best sports bar once stood now sits as an empty lot. It is a sad tale in a city with so many restaurants and so much development occurring that we cannot rebuild the best sports bar in town.

All we are left with is an empty lot and a mystery, what happened to Lazy Bones?


Side note:

If Lazy Bones is gone for good, will someone please step in and build another classic sports bar in town? We are on the eve of one of the best college football weekends of the year and there are zero decent sports bars in Grapevine.

We really need something like Boomerjack’s here. And before all of you people start in with Plucker’s, save your breath. Their table set up is abysmal. They actually want to seat you with other groups because the design is so bad.  And do not get us started on their beer prices.  Big Racks barbeque had a decent television set up in the bar and now it is closed. We need some help here.

There is definitely a market for a classic sports bar to step into the void left by Lazy Bones (which apparently will not be rebuilt in this lifetime).