Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine, Texas

Mi Dia - Grapevine TexasGrapevine, Texas is called the “Christmas Capital of Texas.” We are still not sure why since living in and visiting Grapevine really has nothing to with Christmas. Be that as it may, we think a more appropriate name would be to call Grapevine the “Mexican Food Capital of Texas.” With only 50,000 residents and an abundance of Mexican Restaurants to choose from, Grapevine is absolutely engorged in Mexican food.

Welcome to Grapevine, the “Mexican Food Capital of Texas.” Now that has a nice ring to it!

We give you our list of the Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine right here. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

10. So-Cal Tacos

So Cal Tacos is a new entrant to the Mexican food scene in Grapevine. While the menu may be small, the tacos are delicious. We love the Gamechanger.

9. Burritos Locos

If you are looking for classic Mexican dishes in a very casual atmosphere, Burritos Locos is an excellent choice. For the food alone, they make our top 10.

8. Pappasito’s Cantina

Yes, there is a Pappasito’s in Grapevine. It is in the airport in Terminal A. This is within the city of Grapevine and it counts for our list. The food is excellent as you would expect even in an airport.

7. El Fenix

El Fenix has great Tex-Mex here along with very good margaritas. Enjoy, because you cannot go wrong here.

6. Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo has good fajita’s and great queso. They are in the top 10 Mexican restaurants for certain.

5. Uncle Julio’s

Uncle Julio’s margaritas are worthy of the top 5 by themselves. They used to be higher on the list, but seem to be getting more and more “corporate.” Some of the new menu items have been a bit of a letdown.

4. El Taco H

If you love hole in the wall places, El Taco H is for you. Excellent tacos and burritos and atmosphere. Enjoy!

3. Baja Mexican Grill

Grapevine, TexasNext door to El Taco H, Baja Mex Grill is a delightfully fun Mexican restaurant. For our money, these are the best margaritas around.

2. Mi Dia from Scratch

Mi Dia is quickly making a name for itself on Main Street in Grapevine. The food is on par with the best Mexican food you will find anywhere. The patio in the spring or fall is the best in Grapevine.

1. Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano

Esparza’s is a Grapevine favorite. With great happy hour specials, a wonderful atmosphere near downtown Grapevine, and some of the best Mexican food around, Esparza’s cannot be topped in Grapevine.

Did we get any of them wrong or leave any out? Let us know below.

By the way, we hear there is a new restaurant coming in to the old home of Macaroni Grill off of Hwy 114.  Maybe it will be a Mexican Restaurant since Grapevine needs some more of those.  😉


  1. I’ve lived in Grapevine for over 15 years – looks like Esparza’s paid for their spot at #1. Their food (Mexian Pizza for one) may have been good back in the day but El Taco H or Baja definitely are better. Fresher ingredients and have actual flavor.

    • It was close, but I disagree. If you take everything into consideration (not just food), Esparza’s is better overall.

  2. WHAT!!
    Whoever compiled the info for that was trippin. How could you ever think that Grapevine would be the Mexican food capital of Texas.
    Try San Antonio my friend.
    And the next time you sit down to write such a biased report,either have less than two Margaretas at Baja or actually get outside of Grapevine.

  3. A top ten list of Grapevine Mexican food restaurants without Los Amigos is a deeply flawed list. Los Amigos is an easy #3.

    • I’ll take this under advisement.

  4. Los Amigos is better than most of these. Los Amigos on NW Highway is my go to place for Mexican food. It’s not a chain, and the salsa is made fresh daily. Their Cheese Chili Rellenos are some of the best I’ve eaten anywhere!

    • I AGREE WITH CYNDIA. Nothing flashy about Los Amigos – good food and good service. Nice patio at Esparza’s, but they serve dog food.

  5. OK, this is a list made a by an uptown wannabe… This list is apparently more about atmosphere and drinks than about food. Margaritas and weak Tex-Mex are not great Mexican food.

    Now, I don’t necessarily disagree with the list entirely, but the order is way off.
    Burritos Locos at #9 is completely whack! The foods is consistently awesome and authentic.
    Sure the patio at Esparza’s is fun, but what about the food? Pretty much middle of the road Tex-Mex… Not a #1.

    What about Los Amigos?
    What about El Campeon?
    What about Tommy Tamale?

  6. This list is way off. Esparza’s hasn’t been #1 in so long and
    Los Amigos deserves top 3 for sure.

    • This list is spot on!

  7. I have lived in Grapevine for 22 years and Esparza’s is not the best. Baja is much better for food, drinks and service. Before closing after the death of their owner La Casa was the best. Right now I would rank Los Amigos the best for food and service (they dont serve alcohol)

    • You are spot on!