Grapevine, Texas
You did not ask, but I thought it would be interesting to share who I am voting for this Saturday for Grapevine City Council Place 6. There are four worthy candidates for Place 6: Duff O’Dell, Deverick P. Jordan, Marc Blum, and LuAnn Chapman Gatts.

Here are my three, admittedly simple criteria in choosing who to vote for in a race like this:

1. Must be able to log on to a computer. (I don’t think this is a very high bar to set. This is 2014 so being technology challenged is an automatic disqualifier.)

2. Must be able to say “Thank You.” (Two of the best and most important words in the English language.)

3. If you make it past the first two, which as easy as it sounds is not a given, then the final criteria is whoever tries the hardest.

Some people will be offended by this simple criteria, but those people are likely easily offended. I could have said I am drawing a name out of a hat. Some people may not like it that I didn’t actually name who I am voting for and only listed the criteria I use to vote in city council elections. For that I apologize, but hopefully you can figure it out on your own. 😉

Election day is May 10th, 2014. You can vote at the Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main Street (Corner of Vine Street and Municipal Way) between 7 am and 7 pm.