Conservative, Christian, Grapevine – Those three words have been used throughout the campaign to describe Deverick Jordan and his beliefs.

“It is my intention to give back to the City of Grapevine through the seat Roy Stewart is vacating,” said Jordan. “I want to continue in Mr. Stewart’s legacy of making Grapevine the best in D/FW. Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for your years of service and dedication to our community.”

Deverick Jordan is a husband, a father, a leader in the commercial real estate industry, and an active volunteer in the city and his church. He is biblically minded, for limited government, is an advocate for fiscal responsibility, for government transparency, a property rights advocate, and offers a fresh perspective and voice.

In addition, Jordan has a deep respect for Mayor Tate and the current council members. However, he believes he can fill a void that exists on the council. “The average age of Grapevine’s city council is 66 years old. Compare this to the average age of Grapevine, which is 37.4 years old. Although I believe there is wisdom with age, the current council has a void and does not have a voice from the upcoming generation. I would offer a fresh perspective and outlook, in addition to being able to prompt more families and the younger generation to get more involved with such an amazing city. In order to see Grapevine’s continued success, we need future leaders and volunteers,” said Jordan.

According to one of Deverick Jordan’s supporters, Dr. Ed Smith, President of Grapevine Faith Christian School, “Deverick represents everything that is promising about the City of Grapevine. A fiscally responsible, successful real estate business owner, Deverick understands how to build upon the past successes of Grapevine with smart decisions that bring exciting opportunities to the city, while maintaining a conservative watch over the tax base. Deverick will publicly lead the city with the same priorities he utilizes in his private daily life: character, wisdom, integrity, and dignity. I believe it is his commitment to God, family, and the City of Grapevine that make him the best candidate for city council.”

It is through Jordan’s principals, reputation, and background that Empower Texans, through Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, endorsed Jordan’s candidacy for Grapevine City Council, Place 6.

“I want to preserve our great city and ensure its position remains the best of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our children should grow up with a pride for their community, and having a strong leadership for the city, is key to its success.”

With early voting starting this coming up Monday, April 28th, Deverick needs your vote and voice!

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