Marc Blum

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS — Grapevine resident and businessman Marc Blum has officially announced his campaign for Grapevine City Council by filing paperwork to be on the ballot in May. Blum plans to use his over two decades of managerial and problem-solving experience to enact and support policies that empower local businesses, first responders, and Grapevine citizens.

Blum is running to fill Grapevine City Council Place 6, which is being vacated by Roy Stewart. Early voting takes place from April 28-May 6; Election Day will be Saturday, May 10th.

In officially announcing his candidacy, Marc Blum declared, “I believe in fiscal responsibility, in government transparency, in free enterprise, in low taxes, and in local control. I believe government can function most efficiently and can empower citizens most effectively at the local level. Each day, Grapevine citizens must ensure their budgets are balanced and their spending is done in a prudent manner. The same applies to our city council as we continue to grow as a city and as a wonderful community.”

Blum’s professional experience primarily has been as an IT project manager for Johnson Controls on numerous multi-million-dollar government projects. Every project that Blum oversaw was completed on-time and within budget – often saving taxpayers millions of dollars by Blum prioritizing cost-cutting strategies. Blum’s projects have included Fort Worth’s Joint Naval Air Station, Fort Bliss, and the Houston Veterans Administration Center. Before working for Johnson Controls, Blum was the IT administrator at Greystone Technology, a software development company that built simulator systems for the US military. Blum’s early-career experience includes management positions with RadioShack and with Mega Computers.

Blum moved to Grapevine in 2007 with his wife, Orsula, after a wildfire consumed their previous home. “I truly know and appreciate the American Dream,” said Blum. “My wife, who emigrated from Poland, and I were able to get back on her feet here in Grapevine with the wonderful support of neighbors and family in the area. I look forward to giving back to our community when on the council by emphasizing transparency and communication. I will work to prioritize essential services like our first responders and to implement tax relief for our senior citizens. While future development projects are very important for our city, we must also work to properly maintain the essential city services we already have like our roads. I have a proven past of providing innovative solutions in the private sector. I want to bring that outside-the-box thinking to the city council.”

Blum came to Texas at the age of 10 and began working when he was 13. He became an eagle scout at a young age and has remained active since then as an adult scout member and leader. Blum received his BS in business administration from the University of Texas at Dallas. His passion to innovate and improve upon the status quo extends to his hobbies: automotive customizing, electric car conversion, and solar energy development. Blum is currently developing automotive patents that will make engine repairs more efficient and easier to do.