Grapevine City HallLocal citizen group A Better Grapevine has started video recording Grapevine City Council meetings and publishing those meetings for public viewing. This is a huge step in the right direction for providing information to the citizens of Grapevine. For most, attending every City Council meeting is logistically impossible. This new service will allow anyone to view prior city council meetings at any time day or night online for free.

For unknown reasons, the city of Grapevine has neglected to video record city council meetings which many neighboring cities have done for years. The reason not to record certainly cannot be because of cost. Cameras now are extremely low cost and storage for video files is basically free now online.

Given the city’s lack of initiative in providing this important work, local citizen group A Better Grapevine has stepped in on their own time to provide this service.

This is a tremendous new asset to our community and a great information source to the average citizen who may not be able to attend the city council meetings in person.

You can find the videos directly here:

You can find more information on A Better Grapevine here: