There are many good reasons to support term limits in Grapevine, and maybe even a few not to. But the reasons to oppose it listed on a recent mailer don’t qualify. The flyer insinuates term limits cause red light cameras, high taxes, parking meters, and corruption investigations. Does that make sense? Ft Worth has cameras but no limits. Southlake has limits but no investigations. In fact, it’s Grapevine that was sued for secretly hiring a lobbyist and then made headlines for contesting the case and losing. The flyer is scare tactics.

Are the only folks able to lead with wisdom and integrity those in office now? How embarrassing if true! The issue is not competency; it’s longevity. A life-long career on Council isn’t healthy. It leads to shady partnerships and backroom deals, stagnant ideas, and short-sightedness to other possibilities because all you can see is your own plan. Polls show most of us support term limits. We need to prove it! Vote YES on 5/11.

Julie McCarty