Dear Editor,

I live in Grapevine. I own my dream home in a  neighborhood where my neighbors consider each other extended family. I  am 34 years old. I have a wife, a son and a dog. We spend our money in  Grapevine businesses and the majority of our family time either on Main  Street or our beautiful parks. I stay deeply involved in what’s going on  in the city at a government level, and I support term-limits for elected city officials.

Term-limits are essential at every level of government to insure  liberty. Public service is by it’s very  nature a service to the citizens…not a career path. If a council  person’s agenda cannot be fulfilled in 9 years, then I believe there  are bigger issues that need to be addressed. Due to voter apathy (4% or  less on average), we can no longer rely on municipal elections alone for accountability.

If you have not already voted in the City election which started on  Apr. 29th, please vote FOR term-limits on the last day you can vote  which is May 11th at the Grapevine Community Center from 7am to 7pm.


Cory Huddleston