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GRAPEVINE — For a year and a half, young parents, professionals, and grandparents from across the partisan political spectrum signed and circulated petitions for term limits. They were successful and a city charter amendment election is set for Saturday, May 11. Early Voting begins Monday, April 29.

Supporters have set up an active website, a new Facebook page, and are using Twitter’s newest video service, aptly named “Vine”, to share testimonials for term limits.

Grapevine is a community with diverse ages, races and partisan views, but support for term limits supersedes all. Vine video testimonials from an engineer, stay-at-home mom, a banker, a salesman, a musician and others cite numerous reasons for support of term limits, many mentioning accountability and new ideas. View them here, and click each to play.

Contrary to recent statements of some long-time council members, term limits supporters don’t believe a position on the city council is a career or a job; it’s a public service.

Term limits on the May Municipal ballot are for a near decade, a limit of three (3) consecutive, full three-year terms per position.

Background: There are term limits for the office of U.S. President, 37 states have some form of term limits for statewide offices, they exist for nine out of ten of the largest cities in the country and in a number of communities neighboring Grapevine, including Southlake, Lewisville, Bedford, Trophy Club and more.