Letter to the Editor – Term Limits in Grapevine

Dear Editor,

The municipal election is upon us and this cycle we, in the City of Grapevine, have a number of votes to cast. We have two contested council seats; and, an amendment to the City Charter to include a consecutive terms-limit.

I support the terms-limit amendment and efforts of the A Better Grapevine (www.bettergrapevine.org). The voters should note that this is a consecutive limit; therefore, a councilperson may run for as many times as s/he wishes, for as long as it is not three consecutive terms. This will allow productive council-people to be around to serve without monopolizing a council-seat.

Early voting: Apr. 29th – May 7th (Grapevine Community Center) and the general election is on May 11th (contact the City Secretary’s Office 817-410-3182 for questions on the election, its time, location, etc.). See you at the polls.

M. Aram Azadpour
Grapevine, TX

1 Comment

  1. Ever heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” Well obviously Ms. Kathleen Thompson has never heard that before! Thompson would be POISON for our fair city of Grapevine! I think our “seasoned” politicians have made Grapevine a model city! Where, as we need people who think like Thompson, like we need a spread of the “West Nile Virus!” So Grapevine do NOT vote for Thompson, as we should keep the wonderful politicians that have made Grapevine a wonderful city to live in!