Dear Editor,

The municipal election is upon us and this cycle we, in the City of Grapevine, have a number of votes to cast. We have two contested council seats; and, an amendment to the City Charter to include a consecutive terms-limit.

I support the terms-limit amendment and efforts of the A Better Grapevine ( The voters should note that this is a consecutive limit; therefore, a councilperson may run for as many times as s/he wishes, for as long as it is not three consecutive terms. This will allow productive council-people to be around to serve without monopolizing a council-seat.

Early voting: Apr. 29th – May 7th (Grapevine Community Center) and the general election is on May 11th (contact the City Secretary’s Office 817-410-3182 for questions on the election, its time, location, etc.). See you at the polls.

M. Aram Azadpour
Grapevine, TX