New Idea For Police Alerts

Recent weeks have seen various crises around the city of Grapevine.  The most notable was the hunt for and eventual conclusion of escaped convict Alberto Morales.  We are very thankful the crisis was brought to a conclusion at the hands of our great Grapevine law enforcement officers last week.

If you were like us during the manhunt, you heard the constant noise of police helicopters over the city.  We also noticed the heavy police presence during the 4 day event.  This added a lot of stress on the community.

Through times of stress come great ideas.  We received an email of one such idea.  We will cut and paste the idea below since it is more well stated than what we might do on our own:

We had a dangerous, deranged, violent escaped convict on the loose in a secluded Grapevine neighborhood on Friday evening, and none of the residents of this quiet neighborhood (where many people keep their doors unlocked) were notified by police that the convict had been spotted in the area.  Conversely, a friend who lives in Southlake told me she received an automated call from their police department that evening warning them that the convict was suspected of being within a four-mile radius of Southlake and to take precautions.  While Grapevine police notified a handful of individual homeowners in the immediate vicinity, there is apparently no city-wide notification system similar to the one used in Southlake to let everyone know to stay indoors and lock all doors and windows.  When you consider that shots were fired by police, that is even more reason to caution citizens to stay indoors. With the money we collect for public safety, seems a notification system of this kind would be a good investment for Grapevine.

With all the technology available today to make this happen and the availability of Crime Control District funds, this seems like a great idea to help keep residents safe and informed.


As has been pointed out many times below and through emails, the City of Grapevine already has an emergency notification system.  It is an opt-in system so if you would like to be made aware of emergencies just go to the main city website ( and click on the Code Red button on the right side of the page and then fill in your information.

Thanks to everyone who provided this important information.  This is a great time to promote this community resource.


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  1. Apparently you have not signed up to be on the notification list.
    Go to the Grapevine Police Department website at

    Click on the Code Red banner and sign up.

    I received phone calls related to this even.

  2. GTO,

    In the case of Alberto Morales, the City of Grapevine emergency notification system proved to be more than adequate and prompt in notifying (by cell and land line) my family of the situation and other emergencies in the city that have occurred in the past.

    It is incumbent upon each individual to complete the simple opt-in form. Here is the link, which is on the front page of the City’s website:

    We continue to be grateful for Grapevine’s small town ‘attitude’ and ‘big city’ conveniences.

    Hope this helps your readers as it has helped us.

  3. First off, I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Grapevine Police Department for how they handled what could have been a very dreadful situation. They handled it with great efficiency, professionalism and managed to GET OUR GUY. I actually live not too far from the Wal-Mart area and had four of our finest pay a visit that Thursday night as they went door-to-door looking for any information. They were definitely on the case. That being said, I too, am on the alert system. I went back and looked and I received my alert that Tuesday morning at 11:44 a.m. As we are all aware, the incident occurred the Monday evening prior. I normally get up and walk my dog around 6:00a.m. I sure would have liked to know we had this situation going on. Also, I as the police are aware, the sooner they get any leads the better. I also only got one emergency call. Perhaps in a situation like this, there needs to be more alerts? Just a thought. All said, it was definitely a JOB WELL DONE by our finest men and women in blue.