Grapevine TexasDear Editor,

We have until March 1st to help stop one of the largest wastes of our tax dollars in Tarrant County history–TexRail.

Rail lobbyists are pushing for local tax increases and federal funding to pay for an unneeded rail line from Ft. Worth to Grapevine.

Their own Preliminary Environmental Study of estimated ridership doesn’t come close to justifying a rail line. Even bus lines would lose far less money while maintaining better efficiency and flexibility. The TEXRail project is not going to reduce pollution (it is diesel, not light rail) or traffic problems for Tarrant County but will worsen these problems due to traffic stopped at the many road crossings. Additionally, we will be burdened with freight trains blocking the entrance to Baylor Hospital for up to 10 minutes at a time. The proven and less expensive way to relieve traffic congestion is with roadway improvements.

Rail systems in Dallas and Austin have been disappointing. Costs ran much higher than projected, ridership is lower than projected and there is no measurable improvement in traffic congestion. Let’s not repeat their mistakes.

Grapevine is getting a particularly bad deal as they’ve already wasted a considerable amount of money on this project only to be told the train is not stopping in the stockyards. Additionally, train stations tend to be crime magnets.

There is something we can do. Negative comments will cause the request for funding to drop in priority at the federal level, potentially stopping the rail project.

Please submit comments about the high cost, low benefit, and negative impact to or call 817-215-8785. Deadline is Mar 1, 2013.

Note: Also in opposition to TexRail are our Tarrant County State Representatives, Giovanni Capriglione, Stephanie Klick, Craig Goldman, Bill Zedler, Jonathan Stickland, Matt Krause.

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Natalie Genco