Grapevine City HallThere are two City Council seats open during the general election this year in Grapevine.  Both Mike Lease, Place 3, and Darlene Freed, Place 4, have decided to run for re-election.  So far, only one person has signed up to run in opposition.  Leon Leal will run for City Council Place 3 against Mike Lease.

If you are interested in challenging for either Place 3 or Place 4 you have until March 1st at 5 pm to get your name on the ballot.  You can find more information on the general election here:

Election day is May 11, 2013.

Also on the ballot will be the vote for term limits for City Council and Mayor of Grapevine which we have already commented on many times.  The vote will decide whether there should be limits set at 3 terms or nine years for these elected city positions

We look forward to the election season.

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