7 Eleven Market on MainThe new 7-Eleven “Market” opened today on Main Street. Curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to stop in for some snacks and to check out Main Street’s newest store.

The new 7-Eleven was beautiful inside and out. There were tempting fresh salads and sandwiches available for purchase just as we walked in. (If not for plans to make a visit to Mi Dia From Scratch later in the evening, we would have sampled the salads for dinner.)  The staff in the store were very friendly and helpful.  They offered up a free Slurpee or coffee in honor of the opening day.

The only negative is the parking.  The new 7-Eleven has several designated 10 minute parking spaces that reduce the spaces available for Jake’s Hamburgers next door.  As you may know, we are big fans of Jake’s Hamburgers.

If you recall, there was a lot of debate among other retailers on Main Street and the Grapevine City Council over this new 7-Eleven.  Eventually, the 7-Eleven owners and developers won out and were allowed to build out the store. We think the new 7-Eleven will be a great addition and a much needed convenience in downtown Grapevine.

This really is a cool store (despite the parking).  They opened today so stop in anytime and check them out.  We will let you decide for yourselves whether or not this really is a “market.”

7-Eleven Market

520 S. Main Street

Grapevine, Texas