7-Eleven Approved for Main Street (finally)

After another heated discussion, common sense prevailed on Tuesday night as the city council approved a 7-Eleven convenience store (errr… we mean 7-Eleven market) in downtown Grapevine.  The new 7-Eleven will be located at 520 South Main Street next to the new Jake’s Hamburgers.  The city council approved the 7-Eleven with a vote of 5-0-1 after 3 months of questions, delays, and postponements.

The 7-Eleven owners and developers bent over backwards to comply with the multitude of requests from the city council and the planning and zoning commission.  7-Eleven changed their signage, changed their hours, offered a ‘market’ concept, and provided a list (with photos) of over 3,000 products that would be stocked in the store.  7-Eleven went above and beyond what can be expected of any business asking to do business in the downtown area.

This 7-Eleven will provide a grocery or market to the residents in the downtown area.  It will also provide a much needed quick stop for a cold drink or a snack to the many visitors who walk up and down Main Street every day of the week.  This is a great addition to downtown Grapevine and we look forward to stopping in once the 7-Eleven opens.


As an aside, we at GTO are going to start working on an article outlining the top 5 or 10 most ridiculous requests from the city council to local businesses or residents seeking approval.  High on that list will be the council’s request of the 3,000+ product list that 7-Eleven will need to open their Grapevine store.  The request went something like this:

Councilperson:  Can you provide us a list of all the products you plan to open your store with?

7-Eleven representative:  Uh, sir that’s over 3,000 items.

Councilperson:  Nonetheless, I’d like to see it.

7-Eleven representative: Uh, okay.

This will be in the running for the top spot in our upcoming list.

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  1. Good deal – looking forward to this business opening.

    Love the “aside” part of this article. Some of the requests are ridiculous.

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