A petition for term limits was submitted to Grapevine City Secretary,  Jodi Brown, early this week.  The petition calls for three terms (or 9  years total) to be the maximum amount of time served on a city council  or mayoral seat.  The specific wording of the petition follows below.

Should the Grapevine City Charter be Amended to State:
Each person duly elected to the position of Mayor or Council Member shall be allowed to hold any one position for a limit of three (3) consecutive, full three-year terms per position. This provision shall apply to all elections held subsequent to the adoption of this Charter Amendment.

The organized effort to gather the 1,500+ signatures of registered voters was led by Grapevine resident Kathleen Thompson.  The signatures are in excess of the 5% of Grapevine’s registered voters as  required by Texas Local Government code.

The next step will be for the city council to approve placing the measure before the voters on the ballot for the next general election (likely next May).

Our view as we have stated before is that term limits in any elected government position (including the City of Grapevine) are good for two reasons:

1.  Increase of new ideas / fresh perspectives

2.  Help prevent fraud and corruption

In Grapevine, the city council and mayoral seats as they stand currently are essentially lifetime appointments.  The people that have been elected are never voted out and (almost) never retire.

Setting term limits for elected positions in Grapevine will foster creativity, encourage competition, and improve the likelihood of council members voting on principle.