Grapevine TexasDear Editor,

I am writing on the posting of the Sept. 20, 2012 of the Grapevine Tx Online on the terms limit petition filed with the City Secretary on Monday Sept. 17th.

Your interpretation has a few points to be made clear:

(1) The amendment to the City Charter the said Petition is calling for is to “only” limit 3 “consecutive” terms in the office for any elected city council position as “city council” is defined by the City Charter, Art. III. The emphasis is on being “consecutive.” One can be elected, say, for two consecutive terms, then either seat out or to be defeated on his/her run for the 3rd term. If so, then such person can run again. The organizers of the said Petition were mindful “not” to make a life-time limit (as is, for example, for the US presidency).

(2) The process requires the City Secretary to verify the petition to ensure that those who signed it, as of the date the petition was filed with the City Secretary, were qualified Grapevine voters, then certify the petition and then forward the certified petition to the City Council for the City Council to place it on the ballot in compliance with applicable provisions of the City Charter, Local Government Code, and the Election Code.

(3) Foremost running for a seat, even in a, relatively, mid-size city like Grapevine is very expensive. Also, all of Texas (and perhaps even the Nation) is suffering from voter apathy. For example, the last Texas Conditional Amendment, only about 4% of qualifed voertes in all of Tarrant County came to the polls. Voter apthy is the main reason why elected officals are kept in office, in effect making will of a few to dictate; I urge all voters to excerise thier right to vote and take it up as a responsibnlity to come to polls no matter if they like or dislike a candiate or a policy. One can only hope that having terms-limit would wet the apatite of Grapevine citizens to both run for a seat and to come to polls.


M. Aram Azadpour
Grapevine, TX