Letter to the Editor: Painting of Police Vehicles

Grapevine TexasDear Editor,

The Grapevine Police Chief earlier in the year said that GPD marked vehicles will be painted to black-and-white color. I do not know how much that will cost. However, I do not understand what good that will do; or, whether there has been an issue with present color or what not. As a resident of Grapevine, I like the present color, I find it a “friendly” color and the black-and-white reminds me of past and police abuses (not necessarily in Grapevine but in general).

I wrote to the Police Chief and copied the City Council (a few months ago) on my view on this matter. I hope GPD keeps the same color. Also, a number of area cities (including Dallas and Fort Worth) have colors other than black-and-white for their patrol marked vehicles.


M. Aram Azadpour


  1. I wonder what the logic was behind going from purple and white to black and white police vehicles. There has to be a reason.

  2. That’s the way the they are packaged and sold. That’s the logic. Now if they came in Mary Kay pink would that be even more friendly?