7-Eleven on Main Street Decision Delayed Again

On Tuesday night, the Grapevine City Council tabled for another month the decision on whether or not to allow a 7-Eleven on Main Street in downtown Grapevine.  The main hang up in the decision process is that the council wants this 7-Eleven to be a market with fresh meats and produce.  What they are looking for sounds like a mini-Central Market or mini-Market Street.

We at GTO have had the pleasure of visiting 7-Elevens a time or two.  What 7-Elevens are not in any way are mini-Central Markets.  7-Elevens are convenience stores.  That is what they have been for eighty or so years.  You can call a chicken a duck, but that will not make it a duck. So if the city council wants a market, they probably should look elsewhere.

Our view is that a 7-Eleven convenience store would be good for downtown in the long term.  We look at the uptown area in Dallas with all the shops, restaurants, and foot traffic.  There is a very successful, very useful 7-Eleven there that caters to the shoppers and foot traffic crowd.  Downtown Grapevine could benefit from something similar.

Unfortunately, given the city council’s insistence on a market going in that location there likely will not be a 7-Eleven downtown.  At least that is our read on it after two months of this.  Meanwhile, a store front sits empty on Main Street for another month while the wheels of government trudge scrupulously along.



  1. I agree – great article.

  2. In my mind why could you not have both? Put a 7-11 type store for people who just want to run in and grab the “convenience” type of products they sell and another store for those who want groceries.

    Downtown Fort Worth put a mini grocery type store called Oliver’s Fine Foods. I have not been in the store but looking at their website, it looks like that would fit the bill for what the City Council appears to be describing what they are looking for. I have attached a link below.

    In my mind they are two very different products and would attract two different patrons. Where they were originally thinking of putting the 7-11 store does not seem do have convenient parking. You would have to take some effort to park, walk and go to the store. That would be more for someone planning to go “shopping”, not someone wanting to “grab” and “go” as you would do if you were wanting to go into a convenience store. To very different markets in my mind. But that is just my opinion.


    • Denise, Oliver’s is a good example. I think the only thing they are missing is produce.

      Good point on parking, but that is probably an issue for every shop and restaurant on Main Street.