On Tuesday night, the Grapevine City Council tabled for another month the decision on whether or not to allow a 7-Eleven on Main Street in downtown Grapevine.  The main hang up in the decision process is that the council wants this 7-Eleven to be a market with fresh meats and produce.  What they are looking for sounds like a mini-Central Market or mini-Market Street.

We at GTO have had the pleasure of visiting 7-Elevens a time or two.  What 7-Elevens are not in any way are mini-Central Markets.  7-Elevens are convenience stores.  That is what they have been for eighty or so years.  You can call a chicken a duck, but that will not make it a duck. So if the city council wants a market, they probably should look elsewhere.

Our view is that a 7-Eleven convenience store would be good for downtown in the long term.  We look at the uptown area in Dallas with all the shops, restaurants, and foot traffic.  There is a very successful, very useful 7-Eleven there that caters to the shoppers and foot traffic crowd.  Downtown Grapevine could benefit from something similar.

Unfortunately, given the city council’s insistence on a market going in that location there likely will not be a 7-Eleven downtown.  At least that is our read on it after two months of this.  Meanwhile, a store front sits empty on Main Street for another month while the wheels of government trudge scrupulously along.