Uproar over 7-Eleven Coming to Downtown Grapevine

Uproar over 7-Eleven Coming to Downtown Grapevine

It was standing room only at the Grapevine City Council Meeting on Tuesday night. The long night was highlighted by the uproar over a potential 7-Eleven store coming to downtown Grapevine. From the tone of the meeting, most of the downtown Grapevine merchants were against adding a 7-Eleven to downtown and the city council had some serious questions as well.

Some of the issues were as follows:

The Signage

The signage was a big issue for some of the council members as they debated over the bright red and green colors of the 7-Eleven sign. If the move is approved, the final sign will likely be something appropriate for downtown which means it will look less like a common 7-Eleven logo that you are used to seeing.

“The Market”

The city council stressed the importance that this 7-Eleven be more of a market with more meats, fruits, vegetables, and less sodas, chips,and beer. With the pending move of Braum’s off of Main Street to Northwest Highway, the council commented that there would be a need for a market or small grocery in the downtown area.

The Petition

Some 52 Main Street merchants, building owners, and business owners banded together to sign a petition against the approval of the 7-Eleven location. The primary complaint is that the shops along Main Street are unique and a 7-Eleven does not fit with that tradition or with the historic downtown Grapevine brand. The petition was brought to the council meeting by Chuck Bultmann whose wife runs Good Things for All Seasons.


7-Eleven is an international operation that has been around for 85 years. They are very good at selling soda, beer, wine, and snacks. The beer and wine sales sold by a new 7-Eleven might be considered competition for other alcohol sales along Main Street.

Late in the evening, the City Council tabled the request to add a 7-Eleven convenience store to the newly renovated 520 South Main Street in historic downtown Grapevine. The issue will be up for debate again in the September joint council and planning and zoning meeting.

We are looking forward to the continued discussion next month on September 18th at 7:30 pm.




  1. Grapevine needs some form of a market where we are not being gouged by gas stations for nearly $5 for a gallon of milk. Living east of Main Street means fighting traffic to get to Walmart or Tom Thumb. If this town intends to build more housing east of Main Street. We are going to need some form of convenience store or supermarket in the near future. I miss the 7-Eleven we had the Northwest Highway

  2. Help me understand something here. The city is giving the guy who has a restaurant (LazyBones, I believe is the name) that is not even on Main Street, a hard time. They are basically forcing him to rebuild his restaurant to look like the “historic” building that was there so as to maintain the heritage of the downtown area. This would put an extra burden/cost on him in rebuilding. Now I am reading that Grapevine is allowing a 7-11 convenience store to go in on Main Street? A 7-11? I have nothing against 7-11’s, but do we need one on Main Street? The logic used that with Braum’s moving onto Northwest Hwy, so we will need a “Market” on Main Street. Who thinks of Braum’s when they think of having to run to a Market for something? I don’t? That is crazy!!! Double standard to me. Seem’s like the City pick’s and choose’s what they want doesn’t it? I am already wondering why they allowed a chain restaurant like Jake’s so close onto Main Street as it is.. I would think they would want to keep the character of Main Street intact. Did they maintain the “historic” integrity and code for the buildings they used or will use when building Jakes and the 7-11 store like they are doing with the owner of the LazyBones building? Interesting question??? It is also interesting that the 7-11 and Jakes will be so close to the soon to be built train station and new CVB building isn’t it?

    • 1. The 7-11 is not approved yet. Whether we need one on Main Street is the ongoing debate.

      2. I don’t understand the Lazy Bone’s thing either, but would love to hear more about it.

  3. How does 7-11 infringe on the existing businesses on Main Street? I would love to see them move into this location. I also think that Jake’s will do outstanding business at this location. The majority of the dining establishments on Main Street are marginal and feel that Jake’s will provide a good option for locals/tourists.

  4. I think the 7-Eleven would fit nicely closer to HWY 114 on Main St, for quick stops by people traveling 114, and local Grapevine residents too. I’m also glad to hear Braums is moving closer to where I live.

  5. Please please please Grapevine Residents that live off Main Street are in desperate need of a market! I would love to see a small grocery store/deli built under the 925 Apartments in the space that has been vacant since the Apts building went up. I have lived off Main for 12years and Brahms has been a saving grace. If I had the money I would start a small grocery store because that will be big business! I was so happy to see Eatzi’s open a location in Grapevine. I am just worried the high prices will keep some customers away.

    I am not a fan of a 7-11 but I can tell you if they build it on Main….I will frequent it often!