Are you looking forward to paying more to have your trash picked up?  That is what will happen if the new recycling program is approved city wide by the Grapevine City Council.  At a City Council workshop Tuesday night, Allied Waste and city employees presented the results of surveys regarding the pilot recycling program held in parts of Grapevine for the first half of this year.  The presenters also mentioned for the first time a price increase to Grapevine residents if the program is adopted.

If you recall, we asked about the cost of the recycling program on these pages when it was announced late last year. We also mentioned how it reminded us of the very expensive and very gimmicky Pay as You Throw recycle program that the City Council rightly turned down in 2010.

Is it odd to anyone else that the recycle pilot program was launched with no mention of cost?  And now after the surveys come in someone tries to slip in that there will be a modest 13% increase in cost payable by the Grapevine home owner.

We at GTO were lucky enough to be in one of the areas selected for the new pilot recycling program.  We actually do like using the new recycling bins.  We read through and answered the survey questions very favorably (as did 96% of all respondents).  The problem is that at no time during the program nor in the survey we answered was a cost increase ever mentioned.

That is what we call deceptive.  It is also unacceptable.

Now that we have finally been told about the increased cost, here are the new questions that need to be answered.

What is the additional cost to Allied for providing these services?  Does Allied receive any financial benefit for selling or transferring the recycled goods?  What, if any, profit margin will Allied have on the new 13% price hike on Grapevine residents?

This whole recycling thing smells.  It smells like garbage.