Leadership and Bratwurst – Quite the Scene at TES’ Meet the Teacher Night

Leadership and Bratwurst – Quite the Scene at TES’ Meet the Teacher Night

By Cory Halliburton, Guest Writer for GTO

The Timberline Elementary School in Grapevine, together with the Timberline Elementary PTA, put on quite the event for their Meet the Teacher Night, Thursday, August 23rd. This annual event allows students and stakeholders the chance at a fun, sneak-peak introduction to the students’ teachers and administrators before they all hit the books for yet another year of rigorous education. This year, however, was unlike any other.

For starters, the entrance to the school was ablaze, and Grapevine Fire Department Station 3 was called to the scene. Come to find out, the smoke was simply the PTA Dad’s Club Committee grilling bratwurst and hot dogs for all attendees. Captain Brent Irving and other representatives from nearby Fire Station 3 attended the event by special invitation to help the Dad’s Club exhibit leadership for arriving students (and to enjoy a bratwurst fresh off the Dad’s Club grill). Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame and his crew from the nearby Community Outreach Center gladly accepted the opportunity to promote the Police Department’s presence in the area and to don the Dad’s Club Committee’s “Cookin’ for TES” Chef’s Hats and Aprons for optimal TES-branding.

GCISD Trustees, Karen Deakin and Jorge Rodriguez, were also on hand to help celebrate the new school year. Mrs. Deakin, along with a few Timberline Elementary Junior Chefs, could not resist a chance at the grill, and her and Mr. Rodriguez’ leadership at the event was well received by the near 700 students, families and stakeholders on attendance.

These leadership opportunities are no accident. “Leadership” is this year’s theme at Timberline Elementary School. The administration and staff, in collaboration with the PTA, are strategically aligning the school with a focus on leadership. The goal is to make a substantial, lasting impact on the student body and broader TES community.

The school and the PTA are garnering substantial support from individual and local businesses, including Academy, Bass Pro Shops, Marshall Grain Company, and others, in a collaborative effort to exemplify and promote leadership to this student body and community.

Leadership is the vehicle; the Timberline community is the driving force.

Timberline Elementary enjoys a very diverse student body, and Timberline’s goal at this school kickoff was to exhibit leadership and to provide opportunity for all students and stakeholders to flourish in the TES community. With attendance by the Grapevine Fire Department, the Grapevine Police Department, GCISD Trustees, and the focused staff of TES under the direction of Principal Jodi Cox, it appears Timberline Elementary School’s Meet the Teacher Night was a success and an example of leadership for all.

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  1. Wow! Love this city and all of the people who make it great! Thank you for celebrating with us!

  2. I want to recognize Sign-A-Rama of Grapevine who also has been a substantial contributor to Timberline Elementary PTA. Thanks. Cory

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