In partnership with the Arts Council Northeast, GRACE is holding its second Summer Arts Camp this week. “We are thankful to be working together with the professionals and volunteers from the Arts Council to bring such a wonderful camp to our clients and area children,” said Executive Director Shonda Schaefer. “This camp is a unique opportunity for children to learn from some of the area’s top artists. It is an imaginative and fun week-long cultural experience.”

At the GRACE Summer Arts Camp, low-income children learn and work with professional artists and teachers throughout the day. “Frequently, low-income children can’t afford a specialized camp such as this one, and we are happy to provide it free to those who qualify,” said Schaefer. “This program exposes children to many artistic styles such as musical theater, set design and visual art. It also provides them with opportunities to explore and develop their own artistic talents and interests.”

The all-day camp has 66 children enrolled and offers a creative atmosphere with lunch provided by The Arts League, volunteers who support the Arts Council Northeast. According to the Arts Council, data shows that study of the arts helps children to develop cognitive skills, which include the abilities to analyze, reflect, make judgments and generate new ideas of their own. The arts also nurture motivation, a higher-level thinking, self-confidence, self-identity, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance.

“It’s wonderful that we have an opportunity to help fill summer vacations productively in a fun, creative and educational environment,” Schaefer said.

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*The photo above is Bobbie McFarland of the Arts Council Northeast working with campers.