Nash Farm, Grapevine TexasLate Thursday afternoon, citizens and community members of Grapevine asked for and received a temporary restraining order to stop the City of Grapevine and the Grapevine Heritage Foundation from continuing work on Nash Farm. The restraining order lists several defendants from the city including mayor William D. Tate and city manager Bruno Rumbelow.

The order restrains the defendants from the following:

(1) conducting any further construction on the Subject Property until such time that  the parties may abide by the terms of the Land Use Restrictions and mediate this  matter in good faith or, alternatively, until further order of this Court;
(2) moving any structure or building including, but not limited to, the Soil Conservation House, onto the Subject Property;
(3) installing and/or erecting a perimeter fence around the Subject Property;
(4) moving any farm animal onto the Subject Property;
(5) installing, designating, or preparing any parking either on the Subject Property or around the perimeter of the Subject Property

A hearing has been set for June 21st, 2012 to review the Nash Farm matter in Tarrant County district court.

Residents from the neighborhood surrounding Nash Farm asked for the restraining order after communications with the city broke down.  The city continues to push ahead with plans for adding a fence with gates and at least one additional building to the farm property.  The longer term plans for the farm are uncertain and have not been presented by the city or the Grapevine Heritage Foundation.

Hopefully the court hearing will require more information to be presented in regard to both short term and long term plans for Nash Farm.  More information would be a step in the right direction.