Grapevine TexasRecent updates on the ‘DFW Congest-or’ have reported the project is ahead of schedule by as much as a year. That is absolutely fantastic news if you live or do business in Grapevine. The progress being made is evident practically on a daily basis.

But all the progress and the daily traffic jams got us thinking. What were the consequences of making such swift progress?

If you recall when the project started, part of the deal was that the DFW Connector would maintain the number of highway lanes that existed pre-construction during peak hours of the day. Essentially, the project would have to be constructed during the night. The problem is that we did not get the same deal on the side streets, overpasses, and other construction areas.

Living in Grapevine, we have learned to avoid the highway altogether. But that does not mean you can avoid the construction. There are four main arteries that connect the northern portion of Grapevine with the southern portion. These roadways are Texan Trail, Main Street, William D. Tate Avenue, and Texas 26. Unfortunately, none of these roadways currently have all lanes open for crossing over (or under) highway 114. Most of the roadways have been cut in half in terms of available lanes.

This has a major impact on traveling through Grapevine since about half the lanes previously available to get from one side of town to the other are now gone.

William D. Tate at the Hwy 114 intersection is virtually unusable. It is so saturated with side traffic and has so few lanes that going there risks adding long waits to your trip. And the businesses along that strip have to be dying a slow death. We love Freebirds World Burrito, but do not go there due to construction.

We read a quote out of the Star-Telegram last week that said sales tax revenues in North Texas were booming in all areas except Grapevine. We also learned that the Main Street Days attendance was down this year versus last year. Can there be more than one reason causing the economic sluggishness in Grapevine? Feel free to make your own conclusions.