Scattershooting on May in Grapevine

Sometimes we just have a few news and notes to point out that do not qualify for a full article.  Here we go:

1.  Pappadeaux’s is now open in Grapevine.  It opened on May 29th and for the first few weeks will only be open in the evenings.  Please check their website or call them for details on hours.  We are looking forward to visiting.

2.  Eatzi’s is now open in Grapevine.  We have had a chance to visit Eatzi’s already.  Delicious.

3.  Our article on the new Glockenspiel in downtown Grapevine sparked a lot of interest. We received an email from Ray who let us know there is already a Glockenspiel in the United States. It is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We looked it up and there is one and it looks like a real Glockenspiel (the kind you would find in Europe). Here’s a link to a video of the Michigan Glockenspiel.

4. We missed posting the photo at the right on Memorial Day, but it is a good one so we are posting it anyway. If you drove down Hwy 114 over the weekend, no doubt you already saw this flag hanging high above Grapevine. Thanks to Melea for sending it in.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the elements of a REAL glockenspiel, which are predominantly evidenced in Europe and the US (except GV’s) and have the following similar characteristics:
    1.Whatever the theme, it is expressed musically, via bells, chimes, organ, etc.
    2.The figures which emerge, are fixed on a movable sled, and circle in front of a viewing audience, somewhat in unison. They may move, but don’t interact with one another.
    3.The music and figures are synchronized to a song or musical theme which has roots in REAL history or local legend.
    4.Because the design, engineering, and maintenance, are not overly complex, they actually WORK. (please see the post from Denny Gal on your earlier blog, which features a recent notice from the City regarding the testing of it Glockenspiel)
    The real similar thread here, is the behavior pattern of the Grapevine CVB, which acts autocratically, spends citizens money with no input or supervision, and then, as in the Glockenspiel, attempts to “figure it out later”
    For a quarter of one million dollars, don’t you think the time for “testing” would have been prior to spending the money? We MUST demand oversight of the CVB NOW!