Sometimes our journeys across Grapevine reveal hidden gems of the city.  We discovered one such hidden gem earlier this week.  The Great American West Gallery is a wonderful addition to the many sights along Main Street in downtown Grapevine.

Open now for about a year, the Great American West Gallery displays paintings and bronzes depicting the American West.  These artworks include horses, guns, cowboys, native Americans, cattle, ranchers and much more.

Located at 323 S. Main Street, the gallery is a perfect inclusion for any visit to downtown Grapevine, Texas.  The Great American West Gallery sits in a retail building that was constructed in 1897.  This building was formerly home to the Grapevine Sun (newspaper) for about 63 years and prior to that the Tarrant County State Bank.  The interior of the building has been beautifully renovated to hold the western artwork it holds today.

We enjoyed our visit and the beautiful western artworks that take you back to a time when cowboys were common on the Texas frontier.  One of our favorite works was the revolver pictured at the right by Kyle Polzin.

If you get a chance, please stop in and visit with gallery director Richard Hunter.  Mr. Hunter can walk you through the artistic and historical significance of any of the artworks.  This is a beautiful building with many awe inspiring paintings and bronzes for you to enjoy.