Where Crimes Occur in Grapevine

We took a look back at the last six months of crime reports in Grapevine, Texas to figure out where most  crimes are occurring.  The results below are ranked by frequency of of incidents such as assault, burglary, vehicle theft, and other thefts.  For the purpose of this report we left out smaller property crimes and use of fake identification.

Here are the top six locations that crimes were committed in Grapevine over the past six months.

And below are the crimes committed by location and frequency.

Grapevine Mills Mall Area

Walmart / Sam’s Club

Near Mustang Panther Stadium #1

Near Mustang Panther Stadium #2

Near the Gaylord Texan

Near Bass Pro Shops

There a couple of interesting points.  All of the locations are high traffic areas and most are places where retail shops or hotels are nearby.  Also, the number of vehicle burglaries at 2500 Block of Bass Pro Drive is a little surprising with eight in six months.

Did you know this week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week?

Stay safe out there.



  1. GTO, are some of the alleged offenses part of the same transaction, or is each numbered crime a separate incident? Not awfully important, but this factor could make a difference on review. Good report nonetheless.

  2. It is an interesting question. The original data set for Grapevine, including all sites not just those listed above, was 550 incidents. I went back and looked and 9 of those carried non-unique incident numbers. So I guess the answer is yes, there are a few.

    If I had time I could also look back and see how many have similar dates and times and locations which might give an indication of them being related, but that would take a little longer to do.