Grapevine, TexasAt a City Council workshop on Tuesday night, the Grapevine City Council listened to and discussed early results from a feasibility study on potential changes to the Community Activity Center (CAC).

Some of the potential changes to the 16 year old facility include:

  • Doubling the size of the roughly 50,000 square foot space to around 100,000 square feet
  • Doubling the price of membership (costs are now $35 per year for an individual and $85 per year for a family)
  • Adding an aquatic center
  • Becoming a multi-generational facility (seniors and non-seniors under one roof)
  • Adding outdoor trails and / or parks to the area

The council did not discuss cost of the project as the plans are still too early on for estimates.  We like to make estimates around here so here is our rough estimate:  Cost of $16.5 million or more for the expansion of the CAC.  How did we come up with the rough figure?  Simple.  Take the cost of the new police building the city is planning at 94,000 square feet and divide by two.

So is this a good investment of public funds?

Yes.  It is much easier to stomach investments in the city that benefit a large number of residents.  As opposed to the new Convention and Visitors Bureau building which cost around $14 million, there is high utilization rate of the Community Activity Center by the average Grapevine resident.  There are around 8,000 members currently of the CAC.

Speaking of the new Convention and Visitors Bureau building, why are we still waiting on the grand opening?  Employees moved in over 4 somewhere around 2 months ago.

The changes to the CAC are still a long way away.  These are only preliminary discussions and as you know by now things tend to move slowly on projects like this.

All you jazz-ercisers out there need to be patient.  😉