If you were around for last election season, you may recall our request for greater transparency in the Grapevine city government.  Over several articles, we described as best we could how the vote for the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) was really a vote to free up so called “Quality of Life Funds” in the city budget.  We will not go into all the nuts and bolts again because we covered it just one year ago.

In our ongoing effort to bring you greater information and transparency about our city government, we feel it is our duty to post where the money goes that was freed up by passing the CCPD.  Here is your list of fiscal year 2012 Community Quality of Life Fund project allocations:

2012 Meadowmere Park Boat Ramp $124,066

2012 Police/Courts Building Needs Assessment $6,099

Community Activities Center Feasibility Study $62,000

SH 26 Median Landscaping Design $55,000

Heritage Avenue Trail $125,000

Emergency Vehicle Preemption $285,500

Lightning Prediction System $34,855

Pickering Restroom $55,000

Bear Creek Parking Lots $160,000

Parr Park Sprayground $343,864

Dove Park Sprayground $353,387

Dove Pool Renovation (design only) $157,500

High Intensity Crosswalks $72,000

Lake Grapevine Fishing Pier $45,000

Casey’s Clubhouse (design only) $63,750

Not designated $56,979

Total:  $2,000,000