Grapevine TexasChoice is always good.  When you go to a buy a car, the salesman does not come out and say, “Sorry, we only have blue cars this year.”  And when you go to a pizza joint most places serve up more than just pizzas with meatballs on them.  That wouldn’t be any fun.  We all want choice.

And so it is good that this year we will have a choice in the race for Mayor of Grapevine.  According to the Grapevine Courier, AnneMarie Kearney will face off against long time Mayor, William D. Tate, on the ballot.  This could not be any better for us because, well, what else are we going to write about for the next two months?

Mayor Tate has been Grapevine’s mayor since 1973 (with one short recess in there). We are not going to do that math on that, but trust us that is a heck of a long run.

Having a mayor’s race is not just good because it brings choices.  It also brings information (much needed information we might add).  We look forward to the next two months as the candidates discuss the issues facing Grapevine today and in the years to come.

More choice.
More information.
More open discussion about the direction of Grapevine.

This is good for everyone.  Now if we can just cajole a couple of our friends into running for city council.