Grapevine, TexasIf you read our previous article on the Lantana performance coming this weekend to the Palace Theatre, you may have noticed (just as we did) an even more interesting announcement.  Layered in the press release was a thin announcement of something called “Grapevine Live.”  According to the release, “this is the first performance in the Palace Theatre’s new Grapevine Live series.”

Somewhat excited, we took a look at the Palace Theatre website.  Only two events are currently listed as Grapevine Live events.  We certainly hope there is “more to come.”

If you are a regular reader here, perhaps you remember the reader suggestion we posted asking for a better live music scene in Grapevine.  We wholeheartedly agreed.

While we are on the subject of live music, we will briefly preview the live music at Main Street Days.  Although the official performance list is not out yet, we did notice that Hudson Moore will be playing Friday, May 18th at 6 pm during Main Street Days in Grapevine.  This will be  a great show so put it on your calendars now.

You can read more about Hudson Moore at or even better just check out some of his music below.  Great song.  And a great addition to Main Street Days.