We checked the water here at GTO headquarters this morning and did not see any issues.  Others in Grapevine are not faring quite as well.  Here is the report from the City of Grapevine website:

We have received calls concerning the water quality in some areas of Grapevine. We are aware of the problem and anticipate that it should be resolved over the weekend.  TRA our regional water supplier put a 30″ line in service early Friday morning after a repair was made. This repair has caused air to get entrained in the water causing a milky appearance to the tap water. Our staff has been actively flushing and monitoring the system in order to resolve the issue. The air that is in the lines may take a while to get out of our system.

Again, not all areas are affected and we are closely monitoring the situation and anticipate that it will be resolved soon.

We taste tested our water this morning and it seemed to be just like normal. Hopefully this issue gets taken care of soon as “milky” looking water cannot be a good thing.