Tilted Kilt Is Closed

We hardly knew you.

Tilted Kilt came to Grapevine not all that long ago, but is now closed.  We will speculate that the DFW Connector construction had something to do with the closing.  Of course it probably did not help that there is a Hooter’s and a Bone Daddy’s near by.

Even if people wanted to go to Tilted Kilt it was almost impossible to get there.  The frontage road in front of the Tilted Kilt is closed and the restaurant sits on the corner of the worst intersection in Grapevine at William D. Tate and Highway 114.

We tried driving around Grapevine tonight and were quickly reminded why we do not go out after 8 pm.  Getting across Highway 114 (which basically splits Grapevine) was nearly impossible.  We had to go to Southlake to get across.

Tilted Kilt leaves us with fond memories of a interview we did back in 2010.  Goodbye Tilted Kilt.  You will be missed.



  1. You have to be kidding me!
    They are accessed by the same road as Hooters and no more difficult to get to then Bone Daddy’s.
    They are closed because their food and service were not up to Par.
    My friends and I tried them 3 or 4 times and stopped going there.
    We were all in agreement they would not survive 6 months after our last visit.
    They were not a victim, they just failed.

  2. So you’re saying you didn’t like it? 😉