Free Things to Do in Grapevine Texas

It’s Saturday afternoon and you are one of the many weekend visitors to Grapevine, Texas.  A quick check of your wallet and you realize you blew through a little too much cash the night before at the Glass Cactus.  So you think to yourself, what can I do in Grapevine for free today?

Good news.  We are here to help.  Here’s our list of the best things to do in Grapevine for FREE.

1.  Window shop in downtown Grapevine

The old time charm of downtown is worth a stroll and and you can check out historical landmarks along the way.

2.  Lake Grapevine parks and trails

Grapevine is fortunate to have numerous lake parks and trails (most of which are free) to visit each and every day.  We highly recommend Oak Grove Park or Murrell Park (if you don’t mind the drive to Flower Mound.

Grapevine Texas3.  Botanical Gardens

Absolutely one of our favorite free places to visit is the Botanical Gardens in Grapevine.  There are ponds, trails, plenty of flowers to view, and room to just hang out and relax.

4.  Grapevine Mills Mall

Why not take a walk around the mall if you are looking for something free to do?  Did you know it is a 1-mile walk to make it all the way around the inside of Grapevine Mills?

5.  Robot Gunfighters (Coming Soon)

The robot gunfighter show will be held twice a day on top of the new Convention and Visitors Bureau building once it opens.  We heard several months ago the grand opening would be in March of 2012.  If it opens next week, this will be one of the quietest openings in history.  Our guess is the lack of hoopla actually means the opening might be delayed.  Note: this is a complete guess here (an educated guess, but nonetheless).

6.  New Convention and Visitors Bureau Building and Museum (Coming Soon)

See the note in #5 above.  The new building was scheduled to hold a grand opening on March 1st, 2012.  It will be a sight to be seen whenever it opens.


  1. #7. Visit Nash Farm. Soon. Enjoy it now before the CVB fences you out and charges admission to go inside.

    • Let the Nash Farm get on with Expanding Education=
      Fences make Good Neighbors
      I would like for my students to see exhibits worthy of being Protected And to see some Farm Animals other than only a few Chickens. What is so hard to understand that the Animals need to be protected and the Neighborhood & Schoolwaysuld be protected from the animals. Farms have always had Fences ! ???

      • Marco, you are so right! My kids love the cow when it is there but if there were more animals we would go more often. I like the idea of a fence to protect my kiddos from the busy streets around there.

        When will they be able to fence and do they plan on more farm animals ?


  2. Marco and GVMom26,

    You both make good points. A period-appropriate fence is a reasonable idea as long as it is built to allow unrestricted access to the property.Think about the Botnical Garden just down the street. There are a number of open access points there. A period-style fence at Nash could be built the same way.

    Having more animals is great too. A couple of sheep or goats, a horse, a cow and calf would be great. Section fencing adjacent to the barn could easily be installed to allow for guests to enjoy the animals and to protect them as well.

    The question at hand is the idea floating around that you and your families, at some point, will likely have to pay an admission fee to enter the farm.

    • Admission ???
      I have not heard that-I know we pay with coupons when there are activities there.

      I would rather patronize my city and not have to travel for a small charge.
      We now visit the Fort Worth Log Cabin Village MORE than nearby Nash Farm. The Log Cabin charges $4 admission and we can spend half a day there with interactive exhibits and teaching staff; We can do everything Nash Farm has in 15 minutes.

      If we only have 15-30 minutes we will go to the Botanical Gardens, Thanks

  3. It should definitely be free.