Grapevine, TexasIt is very difficult to agree on a solution when you cannot agree on the problem.  That was the case on Tuesday night at the City Council workshop in regard to the electioneering during early voting issue.

In a city council meeting a month ago, the issue was raised of people being “accosted” on their way to the polling place during early voting.  Some of the people being accosted were not even there to vote, but rather to exercise.  That is two problems, not one.

A simple solution that solves most of the problem(s) would be to have one entrance to the Community Activities Center (CAC) for voting and one entrance for everyone else using the CAC in its normal capacity.  Then at least you have stopped people who are there to exercise from being approached.

Laws already exist keeping politicians and their friends from electioneering within 100 feet of the door of the polling place.  If you used the south entrance to the CAC as the voting entrance then you might solve all of the problem(s) since there is parking right in front of the door.

But on Tuesday night gridlock prevailed as some council members wanted all three doors open and available for voting which would keep electioneering away from three sides of the building.  Some council members wanted only one door used for voting.  And some wanted things to just stay the way they are now.

As council member Shane Wilbanks put it, “It will be business as usual during voting periods.”  And Mayor William D. Tate added, “The problem may solve itself.”

The main entrance to the CAC will continue to be used for both voting and as the entrance for exercising during the voting periods.