It has been a while since we have updated our Solutions Box.  We have had a couple of good solutions come in over the past month.  If you are unfamiliar with the Solution Box you can read the original article here and read solutions 1 and 2 here.  The basics are that Grapevine has a lot of smart people who have suggestions to improve the city.  You can submit your solutions to us and we will post them here.

Solution #3

We got this suggestion from Christi:

My suggestion would be to use our great landmarks such as The Palace Theater to attract bigger named musicians.  The Opry and Movies they show are great, but I think we could add some vibrancy and uniqueness to our downtown offering by occasionally bringing in well-known musicians (and I’m not talking cover bands…).  Fort Worth has a great music scene, Denton does too, why can’t we attract some of those acts to downtown?  Just my suggestion!

You know this is a really great idea that needs to be addressed.  Yes, the Palace Theatre should improve its lineup of musical acts. Another opportunity is during the great festivals we have. With all the big dollars those bring in, how hard would it be to try to upgrade the music lineup occassionally. How many times can we see Le Freak and Professor D?

Here are a few recommendations:  Ryan Bingham, Casey Donahue Band, Bob Schneider, the White Stripes (oh wait they broke up, but you get the idea).

Before moving to Grapevine, we heard about Bob Schneider playing in the Palace Theatre and how great that show was. We have been waiting and waiting for him or another great act to come back and it hasn’t happened. There is no reason Denton can have a great music scene and Grapevine cannot.

Great suggestion Christi.

Solution #4

This solution came from Lonnie Jarrell:

Bury all utility lines and remove poles to allow trees to grow unmolested and improve the beauty of our community.

This is probably a really expensive idea, but it has merit so we posted it.  Thank you Lonnie for another great solution.