The new Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Building came with a steep price. No, we are not talking about the nearly $14 million price tag. We are talking about the removal of one of the lanes heading south on Main Street in downtown Grapevine, Texas.

At the City Council workshop on Tuesday night, we learned that the lane on the part of Main Street near the new CVB building has been permanently removed.  In place of the lane is an extended side walk and a place to parallel park two or three cars in front of the new CVB building.

So our question is:

Was the two or three additional parking spaces added worth losing a driving lane on Main Street in downtown?

Here is a quick news flash:  There is a lot of traffic currently (and probably in the future) on Main Street.

Discussions also centered around removing a portion of the north bound lane in front of the J.E. Foust & Son funeral home and adding seven new parallel parking spaces there.  Did we mention the traffic on Main Street?

From a pure traffic point of view, Main Street needs all the lanes it can get.  We have no idea when or from where the plan came to remove the lane in front of the new CVB building, but it is a bad plan.

From an artistic (and photographic) perspective adding parking in front of buildings is also a mistake.  Vehicles in front of buildings remove some of the picturesque quality.

We are having a difficult time grasping the rationale here.

Maybe we can put up a new sign near the city limits.  “Welcome to the Christmas Congestion Capital of Texas.”