Today a nice, new 65 gallon recycle cart showed up on our front lawn.  For the next three months, we will be part of the recycling pilot program in Grapevine.  The pilot program takes place in a few neighborhoods in different parts of the city.

Since we are a part of the pilot program we can report on the effectiveness of the new program right here.  And what we have seen so far, we really like.

The old recycling program which we admittedly did not use involved an 18 gallon bin.  The bin was too small really to be useful and it did not roll which made it difficult to carry around to the front of the house where the trash is picked up.  Not to mention, it had no lid which meant the trash could blow away or get wet if it rained.

The new 65 gallon bin that showed up today is a huge improvement.  It is, well, a lot bigger (over 3 times larger).  It rolls.  AND it has a lid.

So what did we do today other than take the photo of the new bin that you see at the top right of this article?  We stuffed the 65 gallon bin full of cardboard boxes left over from Christmas and hauled the new bin around to the front of the house.  Normally, this stuff would have just gone out with the regular trash.

The next step is to see if anyone actually picks up the stuff in the new bin tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed!