As we near the end of year, we at GTO thought it would be a good time to take a look back and reflect on the year that was 2011. With this article, we present to you our Best of Grapevine Awards 2011. Before you start reading, please keep in mind that being the best is hard because, well, there can only be one.

Here is the Official Best of Grapevine 2011:

Grapevine, TexasBest Margarita

Uncle Julio’s

We have some good news. Uncle Julio’s perfected the margarita a long time ago and named it “The Swirl.” No need to go anywhere else if you are looking for a great margarita.

Grapevine, TexasBest Bowl of Chili


The chili at Tolbert’s is always winning awards. Earlier this year Tolbert’s was named one of America’s best chili restaurants by Bon Appetit magazine. Add the Best of Grapevine 2011 to the awards list for Tolbert’s chili. Tip: Get the classic “Original Texas Red.”

Honorable mention goes to South Prairie Market and Eatery on Main Street for a really good bowl of chili.

Best Tex Mex Restaurant

Baja Mex Grill

This is one of the toughest categories around. There are so many good Mexican food options in Grapevine it was really, really hard to decide. Baja was the best we had this year. Oh, and order the Nando’s (you’re welcome).

Honorable mentions must also go out to Esparza’s Restaurate Mexicano and Uncle Julio’s.

Best Italian Restaurant

Amore’s Pizza & Pasta

Amore’s on Northwest Highway is the best Italian place in town. With a friendly atmosphere and great yet affordable food, this place cannot be beat. Amore’s is located at 1605 W Northwest Hwy in Grapevine. We almost forgot to mention it is BYOB.

Honorable mentions must be given to Café Italia on Northwest Highway and Farina’s Winery and Café in downtown Grapevine.

By the way, our good buddy CW will argue until the cows come home that Café Italia is the best Italian food anywhere. There is always next year.

Best Pizza

Fireside Pies

The best pizza we had in 2011 was at Fireside Pies on Main Street. Fireside Pies has some of the best Sangria around as well.

Best Burger

Tilted Kilt

The best burger in Grapevine for 2011 was at the Tilted Kilt. This category is always up for a huge debate, but sorry Tilted Kilt is the best (again) this year.

If JR’s Grill moved a few miles north our best list might change, but for now JR’s is located in Colleyville and they do not qualify.

Best Breakfast

Snooty Pig Cafe

This is going to surprise a lot of people, but the best breakfast in Grapevine is at Snooty Pig off of Hall Johnson road. They’ve been serving up hot, fresh breakfasts in Grapevine for over 10 years. If you are looking for an event type breakfast, Snooty Pig is not for you. But if you want good food, fast, and at a fair price stop in.

Honorable mentions must go out to Old West Café and Cracker Barrel. These places are popular and serve great food, but not for anyone in a hurry.

Best Burrito

Freebird’s World Burrito

We have been waiting for years for Freebird’s to come to Grapevine. It finally made it in 2011. Thank you.

Best Sports Bar


Here is another category where we find no shortage of places from which to choose. The winner this year goes to Plucker’s.
Honorable mentions go out to Lazy Bones and Chill in downtown Grapevine. Yes, we still love you. All three are great places to watch sports.

Best New Restaurant

Winewood Grill

Grapevine added plenty of new restaurants in 2011 which makes this choice tough. The best new restaurant of the year has to be Winewood Grill off of Main Street. Winewood has some great fresh salads, plus some great classic menu items like the Prime Rib French Dip.  Thank you Winewood for adding to the growing list of great restaurants in Grapevine.

Best Place to Get a Cold Beer

Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke

Bone Daddy’s in Grapevine serves beer really cold. Hint: they have good food too.

Best Drink

Farina’s Winery & Cafe

The Frozen Sangria at Farina’s Winery and Café can’t be missed. It is almost enough reason to go Farina’s right now. Note: The problem with going right now and having a Frozen Sangria is that we will never finish our Best of Grapevine 2011 list. We will put going to Farina’s on our “To Do” list in 2012.

Best Take-Out

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Somehow Carrabba’s always stays hot and ready to eat. And is always fresh and delicious.

Honorable mention to Bartley’s BBQ which does a great job with take out meals as well.

Grapevine Subs & MoreBest Sandwich Shop

Grapevine Subs & More

Great subs (and more) right off of Main Street and Northwest Highway.

Best Onion Rings

Peace Burger

These onion rings are hard not to love.

Best Coffee Shop

Buon Giorno Coffee

Buon Giorno off of Hall Johnson Road has great atmosphere and you can catch some good acoustic music in the evenings.  Oh, and they have great coffee too.

Best Bowl of Soup

Cotton Patch Café

CPC Potato Cheese Soup at Cotton Patch Café off of Highway 121 and Hall Johnson Road is the best soup in town for 2011. We warn you that this bowl of soup is a meal unto itself.

Best French Toast

The Cheyenne at Old West Café

We’re not even sure if a cinnamon roll dipped in French Toast batter qualifies, but it is so good we let it slip through.

Best New Eatery Not Yet in Grapevine

We really need a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers here. We are not sure how to make this happen, but it needs to.
While we are at it, can we get a BJ’s Restaurant here as well?

Best Dessert

Fireside Pies

The Gooey Triple Chocolate Brownie w/Henry’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Morello Cherry Sauce at Fireside Pies is spectacular.

Okay.  This wraps up part one of our two part series on the Best of Grapevine 2011. Tomorrow, look for what we call the Best of Other Cool Stuff in Grapevine.

The best to you and yours.


Here’s a link to Part Two of the Best of Grapevine 2011.